Meet the Ladies


(from left to right) Katie, Nikki, and Rachel at their honors convocation ceremony

Meet Katie

Hi! I’m Katie.

Thousands of years ago, Izanami and Izanagi raised their sacred spear, which they had dipped into a substance called musahi—the essence of life—and held it over the sea of the Earthly Realm to drip great globs of earth and life unto it. This land, which they would later populate, formed all of the islands that make up the nation known today as Japan. At least, that is what the ancient texts say.

Around thirteen years ago, I happened across this nation when one of its children was transferred to my class and we became friends. For the first time, I discovered how large the world was beyond my little house and my little school. And it was because of this encounter, that I knew that I could never be happy unless I learned something of the world.

Since then I have studied several languages and their cultures, but I have always given preference to the first—Japan. Throughout college it has remained my goal to know ever more about that country and I am pleased to say that my efforts have paid off.

I have been accepted on the JET Program as an Assistant Language Teacher and have been placed on one of Japan’s many islands. And it is from there that I will be sharing all of my adventures—both the wonderful and the not-so-wonderful.

Meet Nikki

Since I was young, I’d always planned on leaving the United States for Europe in some capacity beyond summer vacation, and while Italy was not necessarily what I had in mind, I certainly am not complaining. My junior year in Tuscany proved to both my parents and myself that I can be plenty self-sufficient when necessary, so this is my second go-around at independence in a foreign country. It promises to be full of surprises, so I’m excited to share my experiences with you readers!

In between working at a local study-abroad university as a social media intern in Florence, I plan on exploring Italy more thoroughly than I did two years ago. Of course, it won’t all be fun and games outside of work. Having just graduated with a BA in English Literature, I also hope one day to continue my education in graduate school. I’m not sure what I’d like to specialize in, though it’s guaranteed to be in the varied and valuable area of literature, so I think I’ll be spending some serious time looking into schools, programs, and what I want out of the whole process. I’ve already written one thesis on a subject that I loved. It would be a shame to not manage that again! I’m looking into universities in Europe, firstly because I could not, in good conscience, ignore the possibility of studying English Literature in England, and secondly because I doubt I’ll want to leave after just a year.

Beyond the dream of grad school, there are a few lofty goals in mind that keep me going. Chiefly, one day, I’ll have (many) a novel on the New York Time’s Best Seller List. Maybe this year abroad will help me out with that? I’ll have to find something to do while I can’t travel or eat out every night, given my rather unfortunate wallet!

Meet Rachel

I graduated as a double major, and now have a BA in Spanish and in Sociology. Since I was tiny, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer; I spent the majority of my childhood hearing about how good I’d be at the law. Granted, that was usually from my exasperated parents after I’d tried to talk my way into or out of something … again. Later, my dad got a job as a police officer, and after going on ride-a-longs with him, and shadowing a judge and prosecuting attorneys at two different city courts, I confirmed my hunch that law was the right field for me.

Knowing that the end result was law school, my major mattered only to the extent that I needed to graduate and do well in my classes, so my undergraduate career consisted entirely of me doing things I found interesting. As a result, I studied abroad twice (Spain for a semester, and Armenia for a summer) and studied three languages (Spanish, Armenian, and Russian). Through learning about these languages and cultures, I developed an interest in international issues, which developed into a minor identity crisis. Whereas before I was absolutely positive that I wanted to become a criminal prosecutor, now I’m also interested in international law.

After law school, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing – my classes these next three years and clinics/externships will help me figure out where to go from here. All I know for sure is that I would love to eventually become a judge. My ultimate goal? To become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. (Then my wallet will be quite fortunate.)


2 thoughts on “Meet the Ladies

  1. All or nothing with you ladies. Can we expect another update before Thanksgiving? or New Years?
    comment approved by mamaelk

  2. The previous post was sent because we really enjoy reading about your adventures. Also we aren’t as busy as you and have lots of time to read (and post obnoxious comments, the antler doesn’t fall far from the tree)

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