Bored to Death?

As I’ve mentioned a couple times before, supposedly law school goes like this: First, they scare you to death. Then, they work you to death. (This second one was quite accurate.) And finally, in your third year, they bore you to death. Welp, I’m apparently not very good at being bored to death. (Or, I’m particularly good at bucking trends. Or I’m just stubborn. Take your pick.)

Because I didn’t work at a firm this summer, and more generally, I didn’t work at an office that extends permanent offers to second-year students, I’m currently in [the beginning of] the midst of a job hunt for post-graduation jobs. This involves writing tons of cover letters, updating my resume, writing statements of interest, perfecting writing samples, researching employers, pestering references, and (hopefully) interviewing.

I’m also still in school. I’m taking classes – Evidence, Property, and another criminal law seminar (this one is on Complex Federal Investigations). An interesting note about my doctrinal classes this semester – these are the only two classes I can think of that break the “no more than two syllables for a class” rule that I mentioned way back when. I suppose I could call them Evid and Prop, but that would be weird, and I don’t know of anyone else who does that. Maybe instead of bucking a trend, I could start one… Complex Federal Investigations is not a common-enough class to have an abbreviated name. I’ll probably refer to it as “the seminar.”

In addition to those classes, I’m in another clinic. This one only runs for one semester, and involves an externship at a local DA’s office. So basically, I’ll be doing more of what I did over the summer. Like my clinic last year, this clinic involves a classroom component. My understanding is that we’ll be discussing things like prosecutorial discretion and ethics, along with various investigatory techniques and any interesting issues that come up in our cases. I’m very much looking forward to it.

I’m not going to be (quite as) involved in extracurricular activities this year as I was last year. Most 3Ls aren’t; student organizations are primarily run by the 2L class. The big exception to this, for me, is Moot Court. I’m an “oralist” for one of our 3L teams, which means I’ll be helping our Brief Writer to write the brief if she needs it, (research mostly) and then preparing for oral argument along with my co-counsel. There’s a possibility I’ll be asked to coach a 2L team, but it will depend on how many 2Ls we have who are interested in competing.

I have a couple vaguely-defined goals for this year. One is to get out in the city more and “have fun,” whatever that means. I will try to comment on any excursions/fun things I do here. Another goal is to write up posts about a few legal issues that I’ve come across, the current state of the law, and maybe my opinion on it. These posts will probably be quite boring.

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