is when you come home thrilled with the work you did. Also, when you know you made the right decisions. I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow, and almost disappointed that it’s a long weekend, because that means I don’t get to be in court on Friday.

My satisfaction may have to do with the fact that I have now seen my name listed on an official court reporter transcript, under “Appearances on behalf of the State.” I should have another transcript coming out in a few days. I also got access to the system that lets us look into court documents and print them, so I will be at least forwarding myself a copy of every transcript I speak in.

I spent this morning in court (successful, once again!) and then the afternoon I spent working on an opposition. (We do write some of our own motions, but the majority of what we do is oppose motions that the defense files. This is opposing a motion for a new trial. It will be my fifth opposition motion. I haven’t written any actual motions.) Then late this afternoon, I got a prelim to prep (one or two witnesses) and a misdo trial to prep (two to three witnesses). So I’ll spend tomorrow morning in court, and then lunch, and then it’ll be time for my appointment and then I’ll be on the road again. Another short post because I’m starving and I have dishes to wash, and stuff to get ready. I’ll write more about my successful hearing later, probably after I’ve told all or most of you about it in person.

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