Field Trips!

One of the great things about being an intern is going on field trips. So far, we’ve had two (and I might’ve mentioned the first already, but I forget so you get to hear about it again). We’ve got another two or three scheduled, so that’ll be a good time. (Places we have yet to go/things we have yet to do: tour of the Women’s correctional facility, of the juvenile division and their facilities, and an autopsy observation.)

The first field trip we had wasn’t a very far trip – just across the street to the detention center. It looked a lot like the other detention centers I’ve toured. The only real thing of note was that this particular detention center happens to be the location where a reality TV show is filmed. One of the perks to working in Vegas, I suppose. Nothing particularly exciting happened while we were there, so the film crews weren’t busy. Mostly just hanging out and waiting for something to happen. It was the first time being in a detention center for several of the inmates, so it was kind of fun for me to see how they handled that. Our tour guide was also pretty good, even if he seemed a touch resentful of the fact that he was stuck giving tours. Apparently “tour guide” isn’t the first choice of ways to spend your day when you work at the detention center.

The second field trip was just this past week. We spent the morning at the Coroner’s Office. We started the day with a presentation and talk, which was pretty interesting. Primarily, it focused on what the office does, and some statistics, which for me was helpful because I had absolutely no idea (other than “they declare people dead and do autopsies). It turns out, they declare people dead and do autopsies (along with some other things, but those are the important bits). It’s amazing how many different agencies have to work together to get a case together. The presentation also gave some information on how investigations are run, and what types of things the field agents look for when they’re investigating a scene. Then the really fun stuff started, and we took a tour of the back rooms, where they keep all the bodies, and where the action really happens. I got to see a guy’s ribcage get opened up, and I got to see a brain get taken out of a dude’s head. Because I made it through the day without puking, fainting, or complaining, (and because I’m willing to go back) I’ll have the opportunity to observe an autopsy in its entirely later this summer.

Future field trips will include the women’s correctional facility, the facilities for juveniles (both the camps that juvenile delinquents get sent to, as well as the location that children without guardians go to, if my understanding is correct), in addition to the autopsy observation, and ideally a ride-along with Metro. I think this would be my first ride-along with someone other than BullCopDaddyElk. Hopefully my paper work for that goes through and I actually get to go!

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