Welcome to Vegas

When I told people I’d be working in Las Vegas this summer, I pretty much always got the same response. A laugh, a knowing smile and nod, and something to the effect of “Well, you’ll certainly have an interesting time.” Vegas has not disappointed in that regard, although not all of the “interesting” events have been work-related. This is just going to be a quick post with a bunch of short comments. There’ll be something more substantive later.

I’m sure this happen elsewhere (LA and NYC for two) but it’s not every day that you see limos dropping people off at the courthouse, and then rolling around the block to pick them up an hour or so later. I’ve seen more than one, and I’ve only been here two weeks.

Unfortunately, I missed the exciting courtroom this week, but apparently a defendant flipped a table. There was talk of water being spilled all over the prosecutor’s table. Supposedly the same defendant spat on his attorney too. War Machine also had an appearance (different day), and apparently if you hang out in court on the right day, you can be on TV.

A general note I’ve discovered driving in Vegas… Just like how in NYC crosswalks and walk signals are just suggestions for pedestrians to ignore when it suits them, stop signs here seem to be more suggestions than anything else. Not only have I almost been hit by someone running a stop sign a couple times, I’ve also almost been rear-ended because I did stop at the sign. (Fortunately, I’ve avoided any collisions.)

And in contrast to New York City, here, a judge (in open court) mentioned spanking your kids in a favorable light, and made casual reference to citizens carrying guns. Meanwhile, in NY, we use “suspect was carrying a gun” as an automatic “suspect must be a criminal, because no non-criminals could possibly have a gun.” It’s a very different world here from school.

And finally, last week there was poop in the court house, as I’m sure you all remember. Well, this week, on my way to work, I saw a woman squatting next to a bus on the side of the road, with her back against the bus. I didn’t take much note, until I realized that her pants were around her ankles. A moment later, I registered the copious amount of liquid splashing towards the street, and that’s when it (metaphorically, thank heavens) hit me. Yep, I watched a lady pee on the side of a city bus, into the street. The same rules that apply when you hang out on Mill apply in downtown Vegas (and probably on the Strip, for that matter). Don’t touch anything. Don’t lean on anything. Everything is covered in some type of bodily fluid. Poop? Check. Pee? Check. Hopefully that’s the last excrement/bodily fluid I encounter…

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