I’ve been studying all day, and I’m pretty much all caught up on my usual study break (catching up on the latest arguments at the Supreme Court). So instead, I’m going to procrastinate studying more by (finally) updating the blog! Today was the last day of classes for law students. Today also marks two weeks (to the day) from when I’ll be heading home. Actually, as I write this (7:30pm in NY) it’s almost exactly 2 weeks to the hour that I’ll be home. It’ll probably take me about this long to deboard and get past security, so we’re almost exactly two weeks away from when I’ll see my parents! I figure I’ll use this post to update everyone on how my semester has gone, and give you some sneak peaks into the Spring (because as of yesterday afternoon, my schedule is finalized! Yay!).

Starting with the mundane: The weather. It’s either been warmer this year, or I’m just way better prepared for cold weather this year than I was last year. I’m not entirely sure which it is. There have certainly been some really cold days, but I’ve got an adequate amount of coats/hats/scarves/sweaters/other-warm-clothing/boots/etc to keep me warm. So that’s actually been kinda nice. I’ve only been made fun of a couple times for my sad face on the days it’s been cold. I also remembered to take a picture of the tree outside during the summer. I don’t think I still have last year’s fall and winter pictures easily accessible, but the next time I’m procrastinating, I’ll try to remember to make a comparison post.

Moving on to less mundane things (in my opinion), classes! If you remember, I’m technically in 4 classes this semester: Corporations (Corps); the Civil Litigation – Employment Law Clinic (CLEL or “the clinic”); a criminal law seminar on the Regulation of Vice (Vice); and I’m a TA for Laywering, the first year writing and research/practical skills course. The only doctrinal/substantive law class that I’m taking is Corps. I also only have two finals this semester (yay): Corps (3 hours, in class) and Vice (take home). Classes have been fairly interesting. I’ve really enjoyed taking a seminar course, and look forward to writing my substantial paper. I’ll probably post more about that as I do more work on it. (I’m writing the paper for my Vice class, and will be discussing federal sentencing jurisprudence for pornography offenders.)

Being a TA has been fun. I’ve had a few students seem really appreciative of help I’ve given them, and in general it’s been cool to have an extra peek into how much I’ve improved this year. (Wow, did I really do things that poorly a year ago?!) I am definitely looking forward to this next semester. Perhaps most importantly, we get to do my favorite unit – the oral argument. I’m going to enjoy helping them improve their briefs and their oral advocacy skills.

The clinic has been really fun, and probably deserves a post of its own. I’m really glad I decided to take a clinic, and pretty satisfied with my decision to not take a criminal-law related clinic. It’s been fun to gain a bit of expertise in Employment law, and from the practical/fieldwork side of things, it’s been cool to feel like I could be really making a difference in peoples’  lives, which is a sensation that law school traditionally and generally is severely lacking. I am definitely looking forward to another semester of the clinic as well. Having the simulation has been a great experience as well.

Corps … is definitely not my favorite body of law. It was interesting at times, and it was probably very worth my while in the grand scheme of things. There are worse classes I could’ve taken, I’m sure. Unfortunately we never got to the insider trading/Securities Regulations/Fraud stuff that’s related to my real passion (criminal law). I do know that hostile takeovers are not something I find particularly fascinating. I think I learned quite a bit though, and I think I have enough of a foundation to build on for the class to have meant something.

I was planning to go into my classes for next semester and other (in my opinion very exciting) things I’ll be doing, as well as to talk about the extra curricular activities I participated in this semester, but I’ve already gotten distracted by a shower, studying a bit more, and hot chocolate, so just over two hours after I started this, I think I’ll wrap up. Now I’ll have something to do/talk about the next time I need a study break and there haven’t been any more arguments before the Court. (They don’t argue again until next week. Hopefully a few more argument analyses will be written between now and then, though, so I’ll have some light reading to do.)

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