Well, so far 2L year is completely different from 1L, and yet it still feels like nothing has really changed.

So that you all have a general understanding of my life, I’m currently taking Corporations (“Corps” – endearing nickname, isn’t it?) which is super interesting. It’s basically Organizations Law + Corporate Law with some general Corporate/Business Management/Finance added in. I feel completely out of my element. Probably in part because for some reason this class involves math, and as those of you who know me well know, math and I don’t always get along. It’s not so much that I’m not good at it, it’s that I haven’t done it in (literally) years.

I’m also in the Civil Litigation Employment Law Clinic (CLEL or “the clinic”). This consists of a weekly seminar, simulations, readings, and (eventually) real clients and real cases. I’ve been assigned my first client, and my first real project, but the case might settle at the end of the month. If it settles, then we’ll be reassigned to a different case. I’ll mostly be talking about simulations, because I’m bound by client-attorney confidentiality for the real clients.

My last class is a seminar on Criminal Law and the Regulation of Vice (“the seminar” or “Vice”). It’s been pretty interesting. The professor is the same one I had for Crim last semester. I’ve been enjoying it so far, and I’m taking it for 3 credits instead of the usual 2. The extra credit is a “writing credit” so that I can get my substantial writing requirement out of the way. I think I know what I want to write about, but I’m going to the professor’s office hours tomorrow to make sure that everything’s okay.

I signed up to be a TA for one of the Lawyering classes (our practical year-long writing/research class for 1Ls). So far I’ve been really enjoying that. My duties at this point have consisted almost entirely of checking students’ citations and answering their citation-related questions. We’ve also put on one social event, which I think the students really enjoyed and appreciated.

I’m on the board of two clubs, this year. For one, the Immigrants’ Rights Project (“IRP”) I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing, but got an email this week about helping with something. (Thanks guys, for emailing me the weekend I told you all I’d be busy and out of town.) For the other, I’ve been diligently working all summer to find volunteer opportunities for our students. (This is for the Anti-Trafficking Advocacy Coalition (“ATAC”).) We have a good number of opportunities with some organizations I’m pretty excited about, and I’ll probably be talking more about that later. We’re planning to have students matched to organizations by the end of the month, which is fantastic, because the amount of work we’ve put into organizing this just feels ridiculous. I didn’t realize how much work the people last year did.

Lastly, (and to an extent, most importantly and excitingly…) I’m a member of the NYU Moot Court Board (“Moot Court” or “MCB”). My official title (like all 2L members) is Staff Editor. We don’t have a ton of responsibilities during the Fall, mostly just administrative tasks to prepare for NYU’s Moot Court Competition, which is called Marden. We have to call attorneys to see if they’re willing to be judges, confirming judges, and then helping out at the actual competition. Through all of that, most 2Ls also participate in Marden, because that’s the only way to get on the Competitions Division as a 3L and participate (officially) in Moot Court competitions across the country as a 3L. I’m pretty excited about it, and the record came out Wednesday. I’m planning to read it on the plane when I board in a few minutes. More things that I’m not allowed to discuss specifics, but I’ll be outlining the procedural aspects of the competition, and what it means to be involved in an Oral Advocacy competition over the coming weeks. The last day of the competition is November 7th, so some time later that week, I’ll have results for how I did, and I should know whether I’m on Competitions or Casebook for MCB.

With all those activities, even though I don’t have as many classes, I’m still just as busy as I ever was. If anything, I’ve gotten even busier this year with my extra curricular involvement. So far, the saying “First year they scare you to death, second year they work you to death, third year they bore you to death” has held true.


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