Loose Ends

Look how lucky you guys are! Two posts in a week! Today was the last day of our screening interviews for Early Interview Week. I’ll go into more detail about that later this weekend, but for now, all I’ll say is this: One of the absolute best ways to cure oneself of jetlag is to have 23 interviews over the course of 3 days, starting around 9 am each day and ending around 5ish. It definitely gets you back into the right time zone.

I was fiddling around on the internet, trying not to think too much when I remembered that I’ve had a draft post here with topics I wanted to discuss since last year. I’m going to try to tie up those last loose ends from last school year, so that that’s taken care of before my 2L year officially starts. So, let’s see. Hopefully I remember all the things I put here to talk about… I was supposed to make posts about:

Mentorship. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of networking and mentorship that’s been offered to me through NYU. (And from other sources while I’ll mention momentarily.) Several student organizations provided opportunities to meet with upperclassmen, to get their perspectives on life, NYU, being a lawyer, and just everything in general. I had a public interest mentor and a “recent college graduate” mentor who were particularly helpful. Unfortunately, my Law Women mentor … didn’t ever actually show up to one of our meetings. Which was actually kind of helpful, because it got me ready for a real attorney not showing up to a lunch we’d planned this summer! She was super sweet about it, though, and has really been a great resource for me. One of the more helpful people I know! Hopefully you’ll be hearing more about how great she is in December or January – no spoilers here, though. I also had an attorney mentor here in New York who I should probably try emailing sometime soon. She’s been absolutely amazing as well – we’ve met several times, and each time, I feel like I’ve really gotten some useful advice from her. This year, I know I signed up to be available as a mentor for some student groups, but to be entirely honest, I have no idea which ones… I guess I’ll find out when they start assigning me mentees! Whoops… Anyway, the next topic was

Direct Services. I don’t actually think I’ve used that term before, but if I have and just forgot, go ahead and skip the next sentence, okay? Direct services means, essentially, any legal work that involves direct communication with clients. Now, I had listed that I should talk about my work with the Unemployment Action Center, the Immigrant’s Rights Project, and Covenant House, but I seem to remember discussing those last semester. If I’m wrong, and you’re interested, feel free to leave a comment asking me to go into more detail, and I will. That was easy! I was also supposed to discuss

Oral Advocacy. This was actually really cool. First, the bit that I know I talked about at least once or twice, but again, would be happy to go into more detail if anyone’s interested. (If my parents are the only ones reading this, I know that they’ve heard ALL about the first bit…) Through the Lawyering class here, we had an oral argument project, in which we were assigned to either the defense or prosecution for a mock criminal case. The issues were whether there was statutory authority to engage in DNA collection from the defendant, and whether it was constitutional to search the digital contents of a cellphone incident to arrest. This June, the Supreme Court of the United States made a ruling on the cellphone search issue, and my side (defense, for this case) won! The police must obtain a warrant before they can search your cellphone. (Essentially, at least. There are limited circumstances where a warrant isn’t required, but those are pretty limited.) The other thing I did that I listed here (that actually doesn’t really fit all that well) is that last semester I participated as a juror in a Mock Trial. It was one of the more rewarding experiences I had here, even if it wasn’t really school-related. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office (they handle state crimes – misdemeanors and felonies) had their new class of first year attorneys finishing up their training. The final part of it was a day-long mock trial. I’m sure that they spent the week before hand preparing. It was really cool to see things from the jury’s perspective, and to watch new attorneys standing up in court making statements and doing examinations of witnesses. Altogether a fantastic experience.

My next (and last) topic was entitled Next Year but seeing as how that is now THIS year, I think I’m going to hold off. I’ll (ideally) be posting (somewhat) regularly, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to go into excruciating detail about all of the things I’ll be working on and participating in this coming school year.

4 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. Hi Law Elk,

    We were both so busy this summer — we had a chance to see you a few times but between internships and France trips by me and Pat and stuff like that…Alas you are back in action at NYU.

    Thank you very much for staying with the blog. I know you do not have a whole lot of excess time on your hands. It is very nice to read your updates and live vicariously through your UW posts. I thank you for your time you dedicate to updating us. I am very interested in reading about your experiences and am very proud of you as your uncle for what you are putting into this part of your life experience.

    • I’m sorry we didn’t get more of a chance to see each other this summer, but like you said, we were all really busy!

      I’m going to try to be better about updating it regularly, and might even see about setting aside some time each week or so to type out a post. I really should have quite a bit to talk about this year, with everything I’ve got going on… Hopefully all that stuff generating content for me to talk about will also leave me some time to actually type up posts!

      • Speaking of which, your time, I understand you got another call back! How exciting! You’ve had a few call backs already–Thursday is the first of your 2nd interviews. Good luck and I want to hear all about them.

  2. Yep, I’ve got one tomorrow, one on Monday, and then two on Tuesday, because why not cram everything into as short a time frame as possible. (And one of the ones on Tuesday conflicts with another commitment I have, so I’m working with the student group to try to get that sorted…) School starts up on Wednesday!

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