Round Two

Just a quick update as I’m in the airport waiting to board. I haven’t forgotten about the blog this summer/spring! I just got super busy.

Since I last posted, I think the following have all happened:

  • Took and finished final exams for the 1L year
  • Participated in the Journal Writing competition
  • Went to a bachelorette party in Vegas
  • Started my summer internship
  • Attended my brother’s wedding
  • Had an absolute blast at my summer internship (I’ll try to write a full post about this later)
  • Accepted as a Staff Editor on Moot Court Board (MCB) (this is related to the Journal Writing competition mentioned earlier)
  • Found out that I’ll be interviewing with 23 different employers during NYU’s Early Interview Week (EIW) (this is why I won’t be posting for the next week)
  • Applied for and received a position as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for the legal writing and research course that all 1Ls have to take (the class is called Lawyering; you might remember me posting about it)
  • Spent every weekend for almost a month hanging out with the super-fantastic Katie (and got to play with puppies and Tom, her silly kitty)
  • Finished up at my summer internship feeling pretty good about my choices
  • Managed to spend some time with family

I think that sums up my summer pretty well. Now I’ve got 23 interviews, some call backs (I hope) and MCB orientation before school starts up for real. In addition to at least one plane ride, taxi ride, grocery store trip, KMart trip, bookstore trip, and unpacking…

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