I’m Still Here!

Wow. It’s been a while. As you probably guessed, I got extremely busy these past few months, and neglected the blog. Sorry about that! The rest of the semester should be slightly less hectic (hence why I’m posting now…) so I’ll try to be better about updating.

So, since I last posted, way back in … Wow. My last post was in February. Anyway. Since I posted in February, tons of things have happened. My goal right now is to do a brief recap of everything I’ve done, and then follow up with more detailed posts about the individual events that are deserving of their own post. So in somewhat chronological order, here’s my life since mid-February:

I got my background check and fingerprints taken care of for my summer employment! I haven’t heard back on whether or not I passed the background check, but my employer also completed all the necessary paperwork for me to receive summer funding, which is fantastic. One less thing to worry about!

I’ve been going to tons of lectures here at the law school, outside of class time. Everything from gun control debates, to the Maryland v. King Supreme Court Case (the government can collect your DNA when you’ve been arrested), to a small discussion group/lecture by the Dean on his part in the court case challenging the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) (the argument from his amicus brief was the one the Court ended up using in it’s decision), to child trafficking and slavery in the chocolate industry, to the current challenges regarding the contraception portion of the ACA. I also went to a couple recruiting events (one for a County Attorney in Arizona!) and other events related to prosecution or litigation – an ethics discussion, and a panel on the unique challenges women face in the realm of litigation.

I’m still working with Covenant House – which if you’ll recall is where I volunteer to help homeless youth figure out any legal problems they may have and get them back on track. That’s every Friday. I also spent a few weeks volunteering with the Public Interest Law Center’s annual auction to raise money for their summer funding. That wasn’t entirely altruistic – it is required for me to receive said summer funding. I attended the PILC Auction, as well as a Scholarship Reception, and two different firm receptions. I also spent a day at Elizabeth Detention Center, doing intake interviews with detainees to see which ones could be referred to various pro bono attorney groups. Another all-day event was helping the Manhattan Assistant District Attorneys (the equivalent of the County Attorney’s office in Arizona) with their annual training program. The program culminates in a Mock Trial – I participated as a juror. That was a really great experience.

I’ve been to lunch with two of my professors, and i’ve attended a ton of educational events put on by Career Services. One was on finding government jobs, and I think it was pretty useful. Another was on how to secure a clerkship, which is definitely something I’m interested in, and hopefully something I’ll manage to do for the year after I graduate. There was also a mandatory session called “Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of The 1L Class” … Or something like that. We haven’t even taken our 1L finals, and they’re already telling us to start prepping for the job search for our 2L summer. I’ll try to post about that as it happens, and give you all an idea of what it’s like to try to get a job as a 2L, because my 1L job search was (thankfully) cut short.

Over Spring Break, I volunteered for the Unemployment Action Center, which I mentioned way back last semester. Over the course of two days I interviewed a client and prepared and presented a case with another student. We don’t know the outcome for sure yet, but we’re pretty sure we lost. That’s a story for another post, though. I managed to make a little time to hang out with friends, before they left to Canada, Boston, Jersey, and who knows where. (Yes, I realize I listed a country, a city, and a state. Shhhh.) I celebrated my birthday a bit early by treating myself to a showing of Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. (Thanks Mama Elk and BullCopDaddyElk! It was great!) I missed out on Spring Fling because I was sick, I also got sick on my birthday (but had pastries delivered to me by my wonderful friends). I’ve discovered several fantastic restaurants near by (Japanese Curry is delicious!) and a few restaurants that I need to try out (there’s a churrería within walking distance!)

In the next month or so, I’ll be hearing back about applications I submitted to be on the board of various clubs here. I’ve got interviews next week for several of the clinics that I applied to. There are a few more social events to attend – after I finish typing this, I’m heading to a bar nearby to have a few drinks with my International Law classmates. There are a few more mandatory events for the Writing Competition that happens once finals are over, and I’m volunteering one more time with helping wellfare-to-work clients with their interview skills and resumes. Oh, and a friend from ASU/Tango is coming to visit! So that will be fun.

I also just finished up an oral advocacy unit! It culminated in oral arguments in front of a sitting judge this afternoon. It was a great experience, and super fun, but boy am I glad it’s over. Finally a stress-free weekend.

Oh, right, I’ve also been taking classes this whole time too. For now I’ll stick to subject matter, but I’ll probably write up little assessments of my professors again, like I did last time. Criminal law is fascinating, and I adore the subject matter. I think I’ve made the right decision as far as career choices go. International law, again, is fascinating. Even the aspects of IL that I’m not as excited about (business transaction stuff defamation claims…) are actually super cool. I’m excited for next week, when we start talking about International Criminal Law! LRS… is vaguely interesting. Not a subject that absolutely enthralls me, but that’s okay.

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