March ReCap: Paris and Rome

March just flew by, didn’t it! First thing’s first, gotta tell you about Paris. I finally took a trip, one that my friend Zach and I planned months in advance, and while Paris (still) isn’t my favorite city, it was great to see a friend from college that I haven’t met up with since July!! Side note: it’s crazy to think that May is coming up, which will mark the one-year anniversary of my college graduation; also, this June will mark the fifth year since high school graduation. I feel so old sometimes, despite being 22. I suppose you’re just more aware of the passage of time as you get older.

Anyway, Paris. Getting to Pisa was like having multiple panic attacks. The bus I took brought me straight to the airport, but it also stopped to let some random girl pee at a gas station, which added like 15 minutes to our trip. I had to semi-cry my way through the security lines to get to my gate in time! Someone must’ve been sending me lots of luck that day because I made it onto my plane and was safely Paris-bound. Which was another can of worms because Zach and I neglected to figure out where we would meet at the Gare du Nord train station. Being one of the main Paris train stations, it’s a) freaking huge and b) possessing multiple exits and entrances. We’re lucky we found each other and managed to get to our apartment rental at the prime hour of 12am-ish. Our host, found through AirBnB, was gracious about waiting up for us and very accommodating, so I have to give a shout out to Eddie for his excellent hosting. The apartment was small but cute and well-placed, right near metro lines that we needed for our tourist hopping.

Our main reason for meeting up in Paris was Disneyland. Zach worked for Disney for a time and came away from the experience with a pair of tickets, so we thought, “Why the hell not?” We did take advantage of our weekend, however, and ran through the city to see the important sites. Thank GOD for free public transportation. We were lucky enough to travel during the first weekend of Paris’s new initiative for reducing pollution. All public transportation options, metro and buses, were free, and that saved us a lot of money. We managed to hit the Catacombs, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Lourve Pyramid (not the actual museum itself, too big for one day) all on Friday. We ran ourselves ragged! Definitely had a great time, though.

Disneyland Paris was my first ever Disney Park, so I’ve compared all my other experiences at Anaheim to that one. I still say the Paris one is better, really because of Space Mountain. Zach worked as a cast member for Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom park in Florida, so he was skeptical when I said that the French one would blow his mind. By virtue of the corkscrew and loop-the-loop still incorporated in the French Space Mountain design (I think it was removed from the American ones because somebody fell off and died or something), it blew his mind. Easily one of the best roller coasters ever. We enjoyed it so much that at the end of the night (we ran the park from open to closing) we rode it again! We also had the chance to watch the fireworks show before leaving, which was gorgeous and excellent, incorporating a lot of the more recent Disney films like Brave.

Zach and I said goodbye Sunday afternoon at the airport, where he flew back to Madrid and I to Pisa. We’ll be seeing each other again later this month when I spend the Easter weekend in Alicante. The weather promises to be wonderful so I’m looking forward to some beach time!

When I got back to Florence I came down with a pretty nasty cold, right in time to help chaperone a student trip to Rome. Sneezing, coughing, and aching the entire Friday, I trudged around the city hunting for the Capuchin bone crypt (not the monkeys but the religious sect) that my mother swore I needed to see. Having just seen the Catacombs in Paris, I wasn’t sure how impressed I would be by a crypt with some fancifully arranged bones. Boy was I wrong. I wasn’t allowed to take photos but goodness me, there’s something to be said for macabre creativity that sets it apart from walking through dark corridors piled with thigh bones. I mean, you have to really be invested to design chandeliers from scapula and such. I’m still not entirely sure which I think is more disturbing. Either way, I’m glad I had the chance to see it. My mom went when she studied abroad in Rome, so it’s almost tradition now that I’ve gone? At least I didn’t get kicked out.

This month is National Poetry Month, so I’m going to try my hand at that. My prose writing has been nonexistent as of late, which usually means I should be doing some artwork, but I’m not happy with anything I sketch. Poetry it is, then. I’ll be writing a poem per day, hopefully, so it should be interesting to see what comes of this! Another NaNoWriMo, but poetry. NaPoWriMo? That. Anyway, I’ll try to post more often now that the semester (and my contract) is winding down. Things will surely be exciting in these last few weeks! Ciao ciao~

One thought on “March ReCap: Paris and Rome

  1. Does that one sentence imply that your mom did get kicked out? Also, sorry, I’m only just now catching up with the fact that you’ve been not totally neglecting the blog.

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