I’ll make a longer post later this week about my classes, and what it’s like having a semester under my belt. (Maybe even tomorrow morning!) But for the time being, and as a fairly nice follow up to my last post…

This morning, I looked at the weather forecast, and was pretty happy. Sure, there was a 40% chance of rain in the afternoon, and that kind of sucked… But most importantly, the temperature was above freezing! I was absolutely giddy on my walk to school this morning. I referred to the outdoor temperature as “warm”.

Tomorrow, the forecast high is 20, so I’m less than thrilled about that. But by the end of the week and the weekend, we get back above freezing, and even into the 40’s. (I’m being generous, Saturday’s forecast high is 40. But I need all the little bonuses I can get.)

Today was also the day that I’m not a real “Arizonan” anymore. (At least, not Southern Arizonan/Phoenician.) No true Arizonan would be giddy about the lovely warm weather we’re having… 37 degrees, and raining.

2 thoughts on “Weather…

  1. Are you renouncing your AZ citizenship? There are many benefits to Arizona, not just the wonderful weather,,,,although the fantastic weather allows Arizonan’s to enjoy themselves year round.

    • Not renouncing my AZ citizenship so much as realizing that living in the freezer has changed me. (Yeah, yeah, I just got back a week ago…) I’m enjoying NYC and law school and stuff, but Arizona’s always going to be home to me. (And I had a ton of fun over break, and you can’t do that just anywhere.)

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