Back in New York!

While I realize that the title of this post is “Back in New York!”, I’m actually going to start with a story from my high school days, that takes place in Northern Arizona.

I was a member of my school’s marching band, and every year we’d go perform at the Bands of America competition, held in Flagstaff, Arizona at Northern Arizona University. For those unfamiliar with Arizona’s geography and climate, it’s important to note that Flagstaff is in the mountains, and is in a forested region. It is not the deserty saguaro-filled arid and hot region you usually associate with “Arizona”. This competition usually took place in November. The second year we went, the weather was pretty miserable. The entire weekend, it poured rain. We had to practice underneath tents, with instruments spaced out so that there were gaps where the water was flooding from between the tent tops. It was pretty cold, for a kid from Phoenix – we were soaking wet, and it was probably in the 40s or 50s for the high. Our uniforms were wool, and we weren’t supposed to get them wet, so for the most part, we were standing around in t-shirts, shivering. I distinctly remember thinking about how cold and miserable I was (and hungry, because they forgot to feed us…)

Anyway. For a while now, that weekend has stood out to me as “miserable, cold, awful weather”. Then I moved to New York. You may have heard about the storm that came in earlier this week. Now, I want to note, I was in Arizona for the “polar vortex”, and I lucked out in that my flight here arrived on Sunday, when it was a balmy 40-some degrees. That was lovely. I remember thinking on Monday (in the 40s and 30s) “Gee, this really isn’t so bad. I could deal with this weather.”

Hah. Hahahaha. Yeah. So, then winter happened.

I feel like the comparison pictures I’ve provided can explain it better than any words I have. (Sorry for the night time picture… Sunset is ridiculously early here.) And for the record – It’s supposed to snow more this weekend. Hooray…


If you remember, this was the view from my window, to the northeast, across the street.


This was the same view, looking northeast from my window last night

6 thoughts on “Back in New York!

    • Good news: My boots are waterproof! I’m going to try out the hiking boots tomorrow, because it’s supposed to be a little warmer. (Double digit temperatures! Temperatures in the 20s!) I’m really happy with the purchases we made over break. Thank you SO MUCH for buying me sweaters and gloves and waterproof shoes.

      • 80% chance of rain here in Florence. And we’re going to Chianti tomorrow. Yay, muddy vineyards! You can guess what I’ll be doing to get over being soggy and cold…

      • I remember a long TDY I had in Fairbanks, Alaska in the Air Force. When the temps were above 0, we would get out and move to get exercise. Long johns, mukluk boots, heavy gloves, and a sturdy parka were essentials but it actually was pleasant to get outdoors. It’s not windy in Fairbanks. I know that when the wind cranks up, it is not pleasant. Hang in there, Law Elk!

  1. So far I’ve been doing alright. I don’t have to be outside too much, which helps. I’ll need to get some groceries and such this weekend, but I don’t think it’ll be too bad. I can mostly plan around the bad weather. And we haven’t actually dropped below 0 yet. We just have the windchill, which is really pretty awful.

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