Happy Thanksgiving!

So, my parents complained about a general lack of posts from us, because they are totally obnoxious.

I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. Classes wrap up this Friday, and then we’ve got two weeks of finals (three tests) that determine our grades for the semester. So the last few weeks have been studying studying studying studying and then topping that off with some more studying. My break is going to mostly consist of … you guessed it! Studying! The plan is to get all of my outlines caught up to where we are in class (Contracts is already good to go, so that just means Torts and Civ Pro) and then read all of the assignments for next week. I also want to get a practice exam done for Contracts.

Practice exams are intimidating. All of our tests are timed, so it’s pretty important to do at least one timed practice exam. The tests are 3 or 4 hours, depending on the class (two 4 hours and one 3 hours). In order to really get a lot out of the exam, it’ll take at least an hour of going back through it, and either comparing and discussing my answer with my friends, or comparing my answer to the model answers we’ve been given. (One of our professors hasn’t given any model answers, so we’re kind of on our own. He said it’s better this way, but the class seemed skeptical.)

Working on the exams untimed will take longer, but it’ll be easier, because it means I can take breaks. 3 hours is a long time to sit and work on one thing, and we won’t get to take breaks during the exam, other than by cutting into our writing time. However, it’s really not practicable to do every practice exam as a timed test, and it’s good to find out what you’re missing on your study outlines. My plan for this weekend is to print out the Contracts outline I have so far, and take a Contracts practice test, because Monday evening, our professor will be going through it with us.

The one saving grace of all this (I think) is that we do have pretty decent gaps between our tests. I’m not too worried about starting to prep for Civ Pro right this second, because it’s the last of our exams, so as long as I make sure I ask the professor any questions as they arise and don’t put it off too long, I’ll be fine. Contracts is the first test, so once that’s taken care of, I’ll be able to really put my full focus on the other two tests. At least, that’s the plan right now.

It hasn’t been all work and no play, though. I’ve been spending time with friends, either playing games or watching movies while we study or during study breaks. We did have one kind of “last hurrah” last weekend before everyone left for Thanksgiving. One of our friends wanted us to try Portuguese food in New Jersey, so we all took the train up for dinner and coffee. It was really fun, and nice to not be thinking about law school. (Full disclosure – we talked a lot about law school.) We’ve been talking about having fun study days – where we all work sort of together and take breaks and watch movies etc. I’m going to attempt to organize a hot chocolate/s’mores pot-luck night with cookies, maybe while we’re looking over a practice exam we all worked on.

And in the attempt to head off further complaints about a lack of posts – I’m not sure I’ll have time to write up a post before I head home. I will certainly try – three weeks is a long time you leave you all hanging. But I will certainly give you all an update on how finals went, along with a mess of other things I’ve been meaning to write up, but never quite got around to.


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