What’s in a Wallet?

…a wallet by any other name would be as empty.

That’s right, guys!  I went on a shopping spree today!  It’s not really as crazy as it sounds, though.  I had an ALT conference to be at for the past couple of days on the mainland.  Given the timing of it all, I figured I’d take the evening to do some winter shopping so I could keep myself warm these upcoming months.  I have absolutely no appropriate winter clothes, and expected the venture to be rather expensive, especially since this IS Japan, and sure enough it was.

The sheer QUANTITY of adorable things for girls here is ridiculous.  It’s a little bit bad that I have an income, and a good thing that I live on an island with very difficult access to these places or it might be a touch hard to save.  Anyway, I bought myself a few turtle necks, some warm leggings to put under my pants, fluffy pajamas, earmuffs, gloves, a cozy hat, and some fluffy slippers to wear around my house.  I also bought Tales of Beedle the Bard in Japanese (I have not read the English version so this will be an exciting adventure and challenge for me!) I had to resist the urge to buy LOTS of other things, though.  But I did buy a few presents for my family!  However, I didn’t get anything for my father, and here’s why:

I also met up with the other ALT on one of my islands shopping at the same place.  He, too, was looking for winter clothes and since I was there we helped each other out, fashion-wise.  Unfortunately, as he confessed, he was quickly losing “man-points” by being in Japan.  I asked him how many he had left and he said it was probably only about 40.  And it’s true, if you’re a male from America, at least.  In Japan, it’s sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between the men’s fashion and the women’s fashion.  Sometimes I think it is for them, too, since they have to write “men’s” or “women’s” on the tags of things quite frequently.  But, it’s also fairly normal for them, and Japanese men are expected to be more fashionable, and hence lose no “man-points.”  But to an American guy, it’s a rough step to take.  As a result, I found absolutely NOTHING that my father might be remotely interested in for Christmas, so I’ve gotta keep trying.

Anyway, the whole thing cost me a good 1/4 of my monthly paycheck and I must admit I’m not entirely satisfied yet.  But we’ll see.  If it turns out I need more warm clothes, well, I’ll just have to find my way back out here to do it.  And maybe go to Uniqlo.

One thought on “What’s in a Wallet?

  1. It sounds like you’re having the adventure of a lifetime. I really enjoy hearing about how you’re doing with the kids. It sounds like they’re doing well. Has the bug problem gotten better since the weather is cooler? Did Rachel tell you about getting her hair cut at a Japanese shop in NY?

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