“New York City” – They Might Be Giants

First of all, you guys are just the luckiest, especially if you read all three of our blogs. You get (at least) five posts in a week! Wow! Aren’t we awesome? Feel free to tell us how awesome we are in the comments.

Anyway, this post, oddly enough, starts in the summer. This summer, MamaElk, BullDaddyCopElk and I went on a couple of road trips. In an attempt to keep BabyWhinyLawElk from complaining¬†too much, it was decided that we’d listen to my music, from my iPod. I ended up putting it on shuffle, with a bunch of Old-People-Music for ME and BDCE. (No Steely Dan, though. Sorry MamaElk… But I digress.) Anyway, one of the songs that came on was a song by They Might Be Giants (great band, highly recommend). The song is titled “New York City”, as you might have guessed from the title of this morning’s post. Anyway, I was just dancing in the back, grooving to my beats, when I heard my parents burst into near hysterical-laughter at one of the lyrics.

The song is a cute little love song about two people who met in NYC, and now they’re separated, and wishing they were back together. In the first verse, the singer calls the girl, who tells him “It’s snowing, it’s snowing! God, I hate this weather!” That lyric is what made my parents start laughing. And, bringing this post back to the present, this morning, I woke up to snow. Now, keep in mind that I’m from Arizona, and remember that the only brief few years of my life that I lived anywhere other than the American Southwest were before I can remember. All I remember from those years is an overwhelming fear that creepy crawlies the size of my face are going to crawl out of the shower drain when the water starts and then eat me. Also, a deep sense of abandonment, because I was stranded alone on an island during my formative years. (And again in an airport several years later. It was a tragic childhood. But, again, I digress. [Snowy weather apparently brings out my snark.])

… Where was I? I’m from Arizona. I saw on my handy weather thing that we were supposed to have snow today. Then I realized it wasn’t just today, it was supposedly snowing right that very moment. So I opened my blinds and was thoroughly shocked and confused to see what appeared to be dandruff falling from the sky, and then getting caught by the wind. My first thought was that there was something wrong with the rain today, because I wasn’t fully awake yet, and I hadn’t ever really seen snow falling before. (Yes, I’ve been skiing a couple times, and there was that one time on that band trip to California, but I don’t know that it ever actually snowed while we were skiing, and that one time on that band trip to California doesn’t count.) Anyway, I was planning to get some studying done this morning, but those plans fell through and I ended up talking to Katie and Nikki about snow, and how weird it was.

Then my phone buzzed. It was a text from Dad! He wanted to let me know that we were supposed to get snow today (gee, thanks Dad.) He started it, so I figured I’d call him and complain. He laughed at me a little, and sounded kind of tired, considering it wasn’t even 6am yet, and he probably hadn’t even gone on his morning bike ride/run/swim/workout of some kind. I almost called the home phone before I realized that Mom probably didn’t want to be woken up, if she wasn’t already awake. Anyway. He took the time to remind me that the high back home today is 90. Which, for reference, is a full 60 degrees warmer than it was when I woke up, and 55 degrees warmer than it is currently, and 50 degrees warmer than our high. I should mention that the low back home is 57, which you will notice is about the same as the difference in temperature between here and there. (Our low is 27. Our high is 40 [in case you don’t want to do the math].)

Anyway, I don’t even want to think about what’s going to happen when it’s really “winter” here. Because this isn’t “fall” anymore, by my standards. This is absolutely winter.

… And I could have gone to school in Florida…

4 thoughts on ““New York City” – They Might Be Giants

  1. a few points – you are all awesome. The rest are directed to Lawelk. You were not abandoned, we brought you back to the US of A when we returned. And that brief time we were separated from you. you were inside the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. Not at all like those poor urchins in Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory (and I mean the original with Gene Wilder not that crappy remake with Johnny Depp,,,but I digress apparently it runs in the family as does snarkieness)
    And speaking of Snarkiness, Snow and Sympathy…they can all be found in the same place in the dictionary….
    And not even a “thank you dad” for thinking about me and calling me before your ” morning bike ride/run/swim/workout ” (It was a run by the way – 3.1 miles in 28 minutes and change thank you very much. The peace of mind having checked on my daughter’s preparedness to survive the impending blizzard must have helped me run a little faster…..but I digress again.
    Really bright thinking not calling the home phone at 5:45 in the am. Although I did detect a bit of jealousy in mamaelk when she found out we were talking.
    And a final thought,,,,,have you checked the weather in Chicago? I believe you were accepted to Chicago Kent too. Make sure you factor in the wind chill factor.

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