The Hell Boat: Tales of the Dreaded Whitecap

Wow, I can’t believe a month has gone by since my last post!  Sorry about that, guys.  I’ve worked a few weekends, the music festival has come and gone, and so has Halloween.  I also have been rather sick for the past week, with little motivation to do anything besides sit under my nice, warm kotatsu and be happy.  It’s fairly cold now (by the standards of one who was born and raised in Arizona), so I’m a bit miserable about it since Japanese houses don’t have central heating nor insulation in their houses.

Anyway, the music festival.  It was an enjoyable experience and I wish we had them in America, too, but I’m afraid that by the time I got up to the stage to play all by myself in front of 70 or so people, I was quite nervous.  So, it didn’t sound that fantastic.  But I’ve since played for several more people who wanted to hear it again, and my nerves are quieting down (which is good since it seems like I’m going to have to play the violin quite frequently while I’m here).

I was also asked to go to music class once and teach about the violin to all of my junior high school students.  That was rather…exhausting.  I taught them the notes, what the parts were, how to hold the instrument and the bow, and a little bit of how to play it.  The rest of the days classes were spend with elementary school.  So it was a very long, exhausting, but rewarding day.

This weekend was the Halloween party on one of the other islands which 54 children attended.  I held slobbery hands of preschoolers and played endless versions of tag with little children, and had to keep a close eye one some children determined to cause a little bit of trouble.

I’ve also neglected to clean my house for a couple of weeks and so today I decided to tidy up and clean and while it was a challenge to catch-up on all of it, it is quite nice to have a clean house again.

And to spice up today’s boring post, more pictures for you all!  I went out on a walk the other day in an attempt to feel better (it didn’t really work, but I did get some good pictures), and found my tanuki again!  I’ve seen others with tails, but I’m not really sure what’s up with this guy, but he’s adorable! (there’s also some pictures of birds).

P1000842 P1000844 P1000846 P1000838 P1000840

Finally, the Hell Boat.  So, for the Halloween party, everything seemed to be going wrong.  Someone got too sick to come, and then the weather happened.  It was pouring rain and one of the ferries was cancelled.  But, somehow, I managed to make it to the port without getting rained on.  But as soon as the boat arrived, the heavens opened up their rage and you could see the lines of water as the rain, pouring, was ushered on by the wind.  I ran out of the waiting area and into the boat, getting fairly wet, but the kind that would dry quickly since I ran.

But then there was the boat ride.  I saw the whitecaps and expected trouble…but this…I was thrown about along with the boat, just kind of trying to hold onto my things and my chair.  It was awful.  I felt pretty sick afterwards.  If I can, I’ll get a video (which I took of the ride) up for you guys later.

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