I got a lot of stuff done this weekend, which is fabulous!

I spent most of yesterday doing the readings for this week. There were two reasons for it: First, I didn’t want to work on cover letters, my resumé, outlining, or things for my lawyering class; Second, now I have some time freed up during the week for getting more work done. In addition to the readings, I cleaned up my room, and took care of my laundry. The one thing I didn’t get done was cooking. But I can do that tomorrow or something.

Today, I worked on my resumé and outlines. One thing that’s borderline terrifying is that we’re supposed to start our job search this winter. For certain positions – some fellowships, positions in the judiciary, some positions in prosecutor’s offices – the job search really starts on December 1st. Which is really really soon. Anyway, in preparation, I’m meeting with a career counsellor on Wednesday, which means I need to do some preparation. I got some stuff taken care of, so I think I’m ready.

I’ve mentioned outlines a couple times before, and this time I’ll actually explain them. To one extent, they are exactly what they sound like. Essentially, they’re study tools for final exams. (Yes, that means I’m starting studying for finals. I’m not the first one to start.) The outlines don’t have to be literal outlines, although often they are. For Contracts, I’ll likely have at least one (if not several or a series of) flowchart(s). For Torts… it currently looks like an outline, but it’s way too long. The purpose of the whole process is to synthesize all of the information that we’ve learned, and to condense the material we’ve gone over through the semester into something manageable. I have around 100 pages of notes for each class (give or take) and we still have a month of school before finals.

Once we’ve gotten a little further, and I’ve gotten my Civ Pro and Contracts outlines taken care of, I’ll start taking a couple practice tests with my study group, and we’ll go over the answers together to check on each other. Hopefully some of our professors will distribute past exams and model answers, and we’ll go through those as well.

But I don’t have to worry about exams until December, so I’m going to go ahead and pretend they don’t exist, and be really happy that I got a lot of work taken care of this week. Next weekend, I’m baking cookies, because it’s our last Lawyering Class of the semester on Monday, and I think that my classmates would appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Productivity!

  1. I’m glad you got a lot done. We missed you this weekend and everyone asked about you-were your ears burning? What kind of cookies are you making?

    • Yes, my ears were burning. I figured you’d be talking about me a lot. I’m sad I missed it. I was planning on making the Finnish cookies. I don’t have cookie cutters, though, and none of my friends do either. I might just use a knife to cut them into like, squares or triangles. Maybe one of my cups, but those seem kind of big…

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