All Work and No Play…

Makes people sad and dull. So instead of doing that, I took some time off from homework this week.

Those of you who know me well are probably shocked, and let me just say that I got a ton of stuff done last weekend, and I did do the bare minimum amount of homework necessary this week, but I’ve burnt through my buffer, and next week will be way busier.

So, as I mentioned in my last post, I had a friend from Arizona come out, and it was really last minute, but I got to hang out with him some on Tuesday afternoon. After we hung out, I did some homework, so that I didn’t really have anything left to do for the rest of the week.

Wednesday morning, I had every intention of getting some outlining done. (I’ll discuss what “outlines” are in a separate post. They’re specific to law school, and they really probably deserve a post of their own.) So, I worked for a couple hours, and then at noon two of my friends called and said they were going to go watch Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) and did I want to join them. I figured “What’s the harm?” We had class at 2, so we didn’t quite finish the movie, and decided to watch the rest after class. So at 4, we finished the last hour of the movie. We still didn’t really feel like getting any actual work done, so we looked at the video games that my friend had in her room, and found Assassin’s Creed 2. They decided I should play it. So, at 7ish, our friend from Brooklyn had to leave, and my friend from Arizona called to give me details about dancing. He dropped off shoes for me to bring for him, because he had a thing to go to beforehand.

So, I had a few hours to kill, but not really enough time to get started on anything, and I was worried that if I did, I’d not want to go out. So my friend also had Killzone 2, so we started a new game of that. We both had fun watching me attempt to figure out the controls. A little after 10, it was time to head out to go dancing, and the fire alarm went off in our building. Good timing, right? So I meet up with my friend and we walk over to the dance hall. I got some fun tandas in, and it was just really nice to get out dancing again! Around 1:30ish I decided it was really time for me to be going, so I headed back to campus. And on the way home, realized that my Halloween costume wasn’t ready yet. Between making my grappling hook (there’s a picture on Facebook, I’ll see about getting it over here) and getting a shower, I didn’t get to bed until around 3 am.

I had class at 10 on Thursday morning, so after entirely too little sleep, I was getting dressed as my video game character/law pun costume. One of our friends made delicious muffins for the class, which was nice, and I brewed myself some coffee. I managed to make it through class, and then we had a brief break for lunch, and another two hours of class. Towards the end of that class, the parade went by, and the drums distracted everyone. Finally everything was over, and it was time for me to make a coffee run. (Thank you for the gift card MamaElk and BullCopDaddyElk!) Coffee in hand, we headed back to my friend’s room to get ready – the other girls needed to put makeup on, and we’d decided that while that was happening, I’d play Assassin’s Creed. (The friend from Brooklyn REALLY enjoyed watching. At least as much as I enjoyed playing.)

Eventually we pregamed a little bit for “Fall Ball” which is basically a prom/costume party for the law school community. We headed over around 8 after getting some food, but no one was really there yet. Eventually it started getting crowded. Then it got ridiculous. We wandered around a bit getting some food and drinks, and then settled into the main dance floor. After several hours, I was ready for some fresh air, because it smelled like a couple hundred people jammed into a not-big-enough room. We got out into the lobby, and discovered that so many people wanted to get in the room we’d just left that there was a huge line, so we just sat for a little bit, and then went back inside. Most people left earlyish, either to go home or to go to other parties. I stayed with one friend until the end – around 11:30ish. (My stuff was all in her room.) So another quick, cold shower later, and I was finally collapsing into bed a bit after midnight.

Today was way more relaxed. There was hardly anyone in class – probably 10% of the students were missing, and a lot of the ones who did show up looked a bit worse for the wear. We went through the concepts, but you could really tell that we were exhausted, and three hours of class were not helping matters. I came back and got lunch, and got a few things taken care of, and then it was time to meet my friends for dinner and a movie. We went to Chinatown, and the food was good – the same restaurant we went to last time. Then we saw Ender’s Game! I really enjoyed the movie. I’ve read the books, and I found it to be a fairly faithful adaptation. The changes that were made were done in good faith. The friends who hadn’t read the books seemed to enjoy it as well, although one said that the beginning seemed a bit slow.

The overall gist of this is that I did very very very little homework for the last four days, which is the longest I’ve gone with doing this little homework since law school started. It was a really nice little mental holiday, and I think after tonight (it’s 11:30, so I’m not going to get started on anything now) I’ll be ready to swing back into gear.

Also, seriously, someone go watch Ender’s Game. I want to talk about the movie with someone, but Katie and Nikki can’t watch it yet. People in the U.S., I’m counting on you!

2 thoughts on “All Work and No Play…

  1. You’re so cute! I’m glad you had some much deserved fun. I have to work on Saturday–but perhaps your dad and I will go see the movie Sunday.

  2. mental holiday or slacking, hhmmm.
    speaking of slacking mamaelk and I saw ENDER’S GAME. Your right fairly true to book, I think it should have been two movies – Battle School and Command School

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