Back to Work and NaNoWriMo

So, I hate to say that this might be a quick one, but really. It might be a quick one. We haven’t talked in a while, and I regret that. It’s hard to just see your pretty face for a moment, spit some words at it, and then dash away, I know. But damn, work got busy, son/guurrrlll!

I’ll hit on my break first, since I left you all (and Italy) on such a high note. Of course, shenanigans had to happen because I was traveling, and heaven forbid the bad luck of the students at my uni rubs off on me. Only it does. For the past few weeks, French airport workers have been striking, so a lot of flights into major airports have been diverted, delayed, or flat canceled. I can’t tell you how many student plans have been derailed, though I can’t fathom why anyone would fly through Paris to get to Barcelona. A few students got waylaid at the start of their break and had to fix up trains to Amsterdam after their flights got canceled. That being said, I was flying direct to Alicante from Bologna, so therefore no harm should befall my flight, right? Right.

Turns out the flight wasn’t the issue. The trains were. I had a train booked to get me to Bologna and subsequently the airport bus that would leave me around an hour and a half to spare, which is a perfectly adequate amount of time, in my opinion, to hang around for a flight. However, my train ended up being 70 minutes late, as well as all other trains coming north from Napoli. Hundreds of people were delayed, I’m sure, since all trains going north were sort of screwed, and I can’t tell you how frustrated/panicked I was to be sitting around in the train station hoping that whatever was killing my travel plans would itself go jump of a cliff and die.

All I can say is thank God for Italian taxi drivers and their dangerous ways. When I did arrive to the Bologna Central Station and sprinted up four flights of stairs to reach the taxi port, one kind man took pity on me and obligingly pushed over the speed limit to get me to the airport. Security was practically empty (in fact, I’m fairly certain that they’d turned off the metal detectors by the time I arrived) and my flight hadn’t been boarded yet. I could have cried. If anything upsets me, it’s compromised travel plans. Alas, I arrived in Alicante, safe and sound, and so ready for the beach.

I really enjoyed my break. It’s always good to get away from one’s city and workplace for an extended period, plus a beach is never a bad thing. A friend from uni, Tristan, came down to visit me from Madrid as well! I can’t imagine how he got out of his Fulbright research for four days, but it was great to see a familiar face that was willing to go along with my lazy plans and my Spanish/Dutch family friends that invited us for lunch/dinner respectively. We spent some time in the evening on the beach, hiked the Alicante castillo, and checked out the churches in the city for the sake of some tourism. We had wanted to get down to Valencia or maybe Villajoyosa but our late sleeping ours kind of got in the way of that. Waking up at 11am or 1pm is not conducive to early morning travel plans. Next time maybe?

Everything was over incredibly quickly, which always happens with holidays, but the semester is also creeping to an end, which means I’ll be returning home for Christmas in a scant few weeks! There’s much to do between now and then, especially since prepping for the spring semester promises to be plenty of trouble and grunt work. I spent an hour today stapling forms. Can’t say I’m bothered by a bit of mindless stapling, but I hope it’s not a glimpse of what’s the come!

In any case, personally speaking I’m gearing up for the National Novel Writing Month, which starts (for me) in six hours or so. It’s a challenge to any willing writers to pound out 50,000 words in a month’s time, undertaken by thousands of people around the world every November. I’ve tried it a couple of times but have never really had the hours to devote to such an undertaking. College kind of kicked my ass during Novembers. As it is, the lack of homework will definitely work in my favor this year, so we’ll see how things go! I’ll post teaser bits along the way, but here’s the first little taste. Meaning, here’s the title because I haven’t actually written anything yet: Venus. Just, cogitate on it, I suppose. Have a guess as to what I’m tackling, themes wise. It’s a loaded word, Venus. Let me know what you think! 😉

Anyway, gotta go hit the lights in this building, since it’s coming time for me to go home! Have a safe Halloween everyone! (oh, that’s not really a thing here, but I’m going on a haunted tour! woooOOoooOOo)

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