So, I’ve been gradually contacting people back home to let them know when I’ll be in town over break, and seeing if they’ll be available. Importantly, I recently learned that I’ll actually be overlapping with ASU coming back into the spring semester, because ASU does things weird. 

I was asking one of my pretty good friends what his plans were, and his response, essentially was “Oh, I’ll definitely see you then! By the way, I’m in NYC right now. Are you here?” 

My reaction, after I finished telling him off for waiting until he was ALREADY HERE to let me know he was coming, was quite gleeful. Anyway, it worked out really well, because I had all my massive amounts of stuff due yesterday, and managed to get a teeny bit ahead in a couple classes. Then we didn’t get as far as the professor expected us to in class today, so the end result is that I’m now done with assigned readings through Thursday. 

I’d had plans to get some other errands done, but nothing that couldn’t get shuffled around a bit. I got to spend a nice couple hours walking around the city, and helping him find a bookstore. And then he ate my last three cookies. 😦 

He invited me to go dancing tomorrow, but we’ll see how that plays out. I do have class on Thursday, so … We shall see. I really want to go though. Anyway, the moral to this story is if you’re coming to NYC, please, PLEASE let me know in advance. It’ll make it way more likely that I’ll actually be able to see you.

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