Wow, crazy times.

First of all, Holy Moses, it gets cold here! Because I have no real experience with “weather” or “climates” other than “hot, hotter, sweltering” and “desert”, I’ve been thinking about the weather here in terms of what I know. This means that last week, my thought process was “Gee, it’s in the mid to high50’s for the highs. This is the same weather that that I think of as “winter time”. This is also what the weather will be like when I come home in December/January.” Well, that was all fine and dandy, until the end of this week and next week. It’s 2 pm here, and the internet is telling me that we only just reached 50 degrees. When I was walking to school, it was in the low 40’s. We’ve officially gone past “winter” to “I don’t know what’s happening, why is it so cold?!”

On the plus side, I’m wearing the inner-lining jacket of my new winter coat, so I’m getting some use out of that. On the even plussier side, I’m actually reasonably warm in it. On the minus side, I’ve discovered that I’m going to need to ask people what pants they wear in the winter, because my legs are absolutely going to be freezing when it gets colder. I also found a blog from a girl who graduated from NYU Law a while ago. (The blog was from January and February of 2011, and she was at least a 2L at the time.) All of her pictures had snow in them. So that’s going to be an interesting experience.

On the other hand, I’m simultaneously excited and terrified for the job search. On the one hand, there are some really really cool opportunities for us, even as 1Ls. On the other hand, having to start looking for a job is kind of scary, but applying to the FBI and attempting to get a Top Secret security clearance is even scarier. Especially when I remember that I’ll be competing against people who are 2Ls, and already have legal work experience. And other 1Ls who did things between college and law school. Working on my resumé has been a bit of a challenge, because it’s a huge balancing act between “looking like I did stuff” and  “looking like I’m throwing everything I can think of on it because I haven’t done anything special”.

I’m going to meet with a counsellor next month to get some advice. (For example: Should I translate my thesis title, or leave it in Spanish? Which of the scholarships/honors that I received from undergrad should stay on, and which should get cut? Am I allowed to put that I have an NYU scholarship, or not? [We’ve been told that we aren’t allowed to list our NYU GPAs.] Should I list my undergrad GPA? How should I list my “work experience”, and which jobs should make the cut? How should I refer to my language competencies? Do I include both study abroad programs, or only the one to Spain? Should I make multiple versions, and send them to different potential employers? Do I include my permanent address, in addition to my local one?)

… I have lots of questions. Fortunately, I also now have them pretty much entirely in the same place, so I can just look at this before I go.

5 thoughts on “Brrr.

  1. Mamaelk usurped my title.
    My advice is to put EVERYTHING down then cut and paste to fit the requirements of a specific position.
    David makes a valid point.

  2. Judging from today, my viking blood got too thinned out by the Phoenix sun to do me much good. I have a resume with everything on it, but NYU has a very specific format that they want us to use, so it’s been a hassle trying to get that sorted out. I’ll probably bring in a too-long resume to the counselling session, but we need to have a “standard” one (one page max for 1Ls) that basically goes in a database that employers can search.

  3. I have faith that you’ll do fine and any firm that gets you will be lucky to have you. It’s exciting. Never a dull moment, and it’ll be nice to know what your plans will be for this summer. Once your blood “thins” you’re not going to want to come to Phoenix over the summer. 😦 I’ll be too hot.

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