PUBLISHED (also vacation)


I’d like to take a moment and fist pump for myself, thanks. HAH. I mentioned in my Hunting for Publishers post that I was interested in submitting some of written work to a variety of literary magazines. I gave you a list of poems that I wanted to send out to places (Anthropology, Snake Bite, and Slices), and after summarily kicking magazines like The Cimmarron Review, The New Yorker, and Tin House off the list as far out of my league at this point in my publishing track, I narrowed it down to two smaller magazines: Decades Review and The Rampallian. Decades Review is currently working on reading for its 10th issue, due out in January, and The Rampallian recently released their summer Volume 2 for print and digital purchase.

I had a couple of decisions to make when submitting to these magazines. The cover letter had to be as clean and concise as possible with a brief (less than 50 words) bio, any past publications (one, from like four years ago), and what I’m currently involved in with my life. I also had to adhere to some guidelines listed by the magazine. For example, Decades Review requires that poem submissions to be no longer than two pages, so Anthropology had to be cut down a bit since it edged over that limit. Little things like that, but they are incredibly important and if you miss something, that could draw the line between a publication and a rejection.

I made a gaff, of course. When I worry about something so much, that tends to happen (with everyone). I unfortunately misread The Rampallian‘s policy on simultaneous submissions. That is, whether or not they read work that has been submitted elsewhere for, wait for it, simultaneous consideration. The Rampallian does not read simultaneous submissions. I realize this shortly after I get in the shower after sending off my submission and proceed to sit and sort of curse myself for shooting my own foot before I even got on the metaphorical track. Good job, Nikki. As expected, I got an email rejecting my submission on this technicality. Boo. Ah well, that just means I’ll have to submit again once their reading periods reopens. This time I’ll pay closer attention, I promise!

Last Thursday, however, I received a rather surprising email from Decades Review. Work and social stuff tends to push extracurricular things like this to the back of one’s mind, so I’d actually forgotten that I sent in a submission to this magazine. Judging by the time stamp, though, it only took the editors seven days to respond, which I would say is amazing (and maybe it still is!) but I did submit to them two days before their submission period ended, so maybe mine was just towards the top of the inbox? Anyway, this happened:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 3.41.41 PM



I immediately posted to Facebook in all-caps, called my mom, and grinned like a looney. There may have been some whooping involved. And cursing of programs that shall not be named.

Anyway, I’m incredibly pleased with this, obviously. It’s so encouraging to know that something I personally think is one of my weaker writing points (I just don’t understand poetry) has been considered worthy of publication. I don’t get paid or anything, but having my name out there is just as, if not more, important than a few dollars. This sort of thing goes on a CV, which I’ve heard tell is rather important to maintain as an “adult.” Whatever that is.

This acceptance comes at a lovely time, as my little vacation time has come up and I’ll be leaving for a four-day stay in Alicante, Spain this evening. It’ll be good to have a few days where I just don’t do much of anything. Not to say that I’m usually incredibly busy, but “vacation” still holds a rather heavy weight just fresh out of university. The beaches, though… I’m really looking forward to the beaches. It’s too freaking cold here in Florence at this time of month. It should tell you something that I willingly attended ASU in Phoenix because of the weather. Give me fire, baby.

Updates (and food photos) to come on my trip! I’ll be sure to eat lots of paella for you 😉


3 thoughts on “PUBLISHED (also vacation)

  1. So, I know I already told you this, but super happy you got published, you are super awesome, etc. etc. etc. I’m a thousand times jealous of you getting paella. 😦 I want paella.

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