Time Management…

… would be a lot easier, if they’d let us know what was going on more than 24 hours in advance.

The plan for this weekend was initially to get all my work done, and then check out a tango practica/milonga just down the street from where I live. Alas, now I have a meeting tomorrow morning, which means I can’t be out until the wee hours of the morning. The tango event starts at 9, and that’s a little too late for me to be able to be ready for a full day of classes and meetings. Oh well.

Once I found that out, my new plan for the day consisted of doing the homework/research I had planned, and making delicious food. I made tortillas and red chile chicken (more of a gravy, but that’s okay) yesterday. Today I made an absolutely delicious pasta bake, and cookies. The cookies were a new recipe, and if I make them again, I’m going to use less sugar/honey. They are almost too sweet.

One of the things baking the cookies made me realize is that I really really miss having all of the kitchen-things we have at home. I’ve gotten good at what I like to think of as “minimalist” baking. I use soup bowls as mixing bowls, because I only have one mixing bowl. I’m supposed to whisk this? A fork will work fine. I’m also going to have awesomely muscular arms pretty soon, because I don’t have an electric mixer. Mixing stuff by hand is a challenge. Especially when your bowl is really too small, but you’re not quite willing to admit it just yet.

Only having one cookie sheet is also a little challenging, but not the worst thing. More challenging is the fact that I’m pretty sure my oven runs hot. I have yet to need to leave something in as long as the recipe calls for, which means that my first batch of everything gets slightly over done, and I’m obsessively checking on the later batches. While again, not the worst thing, it is inconvenient. I’m looking forward to having an oven with a light and a window in the door, so I can check on things without having to actually open the oven up and let out all the heat.

The other problem is that the amount of cooking/baking I did meant that I washed pretty much every dish I had two or three times this weekend. I’m strategically cutting things so that raw meat gets cut last so that I can do all the veggies without having to wash the board and knife in between.

On the plus side, cooking for yourself is way cheaper than buying food from a restaurant (or even getting pre-packaged meals/frozen meals/TV dinners). So my Unfortunate Wallet is a little less sad. (Hey, look, I finally made a post that’s relevant to the name of the blog! Okay, it’s one sentence in a post. That counts!) At least I can feel accomplished this weekend – readings for the week are pretty much done, I wrote my midterm, I made healthy food for the rest of the week, I made delicious treats for the week, and to share, and I did a load of laundry!

Right now, next weekend is looking somewhat free, so maybe I’ll finally get the chance to go dancing then…

2 thoughts on “Time Management…

  1. This is me, too. Everyday. I cook and start with the veggie, then the fruit (if fruit needs to be cut), then rinse the cutting board and do the meat. I cut it right next to the pan so that I can just put it in there and save myself a dish….

  2. Aw, my poor baby. Your dad and I will send you a nice little surprise with your voting paperwork. Next weekend, you really need to do something fun. Hopefully baking was kind of fun.

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