So this weekend is my semi-official halfway point in the semester, and between coming here and going home for break. Which is fitting, because I have a midterm to write this weekend. (I’ve actually already written it. Just haven’t turned it in yet.) I cannot believe how busy law school keeps me. I thought that working, taking a full course load, writing a thesis, and maintaining a social life was busy. I was wrong. (And to think, I’ve been told that it just gets busier from here on. Next year might be rough.)

It’s not so much that they give us lots of homework (although there is some of that). It’s more that there’s just always something to do. For example, a typical week will have my full schedule of classes, and every day will have either a lunch event or an evening event (or both). These are often mandatory. Then there’s TA sessions (not required, but usually helpful, and strongly recommended). And meetings with my mentors (this one is entirely my fault…). And we often have make-up classes. As in every other week from now until the end of the semester. (This coming week is make-up free!)

Next week, there’s a mandatory meeting Monday at lunch, two TA sessions on Tuesday, a optional-but-just-kidding-really-you-should-go meeting Wednesday afternoon, and a really interesting-sounding lunch lecture with one of my professors on Thursday. So far, Friday is free, but there’s a really good chance that there’s something scheduled I just haven’t found out about yet.

Most of these mandatory meetings (at this point in the semester) are about our job search. Which is cool and terrifying at the same time. It’s exciting that I could be doing legal work this summer. It’s terrifying that I have to start that search now – well, really on December 1st. Law is weird, in that we first year students are actually not allowed to contact employers until then, and they’re not allowed to contact us. I’m not sure what happens if we do or if they do, though. I just know we’re told not to.

One thought on “Halfway!

  1. It’s good to be busy. I know you can handle it. You’re good at time management. I’m looking forward to you coming home, and I bet your time is going to fly by with everything you have to do!

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