Over the HIlls and Far Away

…except really not so far away, since I live on a fairly small island.  And even the other islands aren’t exactly at a strenuous distance.  Last weekend, my kind neighbor took me out to see the sights with a couple of visiting college students.  I had already been to the mountain, but hadn’t been to the cliff.  And anyway, when I went to the mountain with my principal at the start of my adventures here, it was so kiri (fog) that I couldn’t see anything.  This time it was a sunny, kiri-free day, and the view was beautiful:

Views from the red cliff:

P1000805 P1000808 P1000809 P1000810 P1000811 P1000812 P1000813 P1000814

Here’s some of the other islands, which can be viewed from the mountain:

P1000815 P1000816 P1000817

And here are some pictures of my own, lovely island:

P1000818 P1000819 P1000820 P1000821

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