It’s the Small Things

So, this post is going to be a little disjointed, because it’s just going to be all the little things that make me happy (or sometimes a little sad).

I really miss microwaves. I don’t have one in my apartment here. Warming up food in the oven sucks. And having to go across the street to the law school to get to a microwave also sucks. One thing that I’ll be making sure I have in the future is a microwave. (This is at the top of the “Reasons I Miss Katie” list. I used to be able to use her microwave all the time, and now I can’t.)

I also really miss dishwashers. They are fantastic inventions. Right now, I have 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 sets of silverware, and so on. And I’m doing dishes at least once a day, usually twice. (Unless I eat out all the time, which is what happened this week.) Washing ALL the dishes is not exactly how I want to spend my free time. But I guess this is what being an adult means.

Related to that, making my own dinner is perhaps one of the most rewarding, fantastic experiences of living on my own (but not having a college dining plan). The amount of pride I feel about being a “real” adult, is amazing. The best part is eating something delicious and healthy, and feeling totally satisfied, thinking “My mother would be SO PROUD of me right now.”

The weather here is odd. I mean, to one extent, it’s nice to be able to to see that there’s rain on the forecast, and know that it’s actually going to rain. On the other hand, though, I don’t like rain, and really wish it would stop. It’s also a bit cold for my taste and it’s only the beginning of October…

However, the weather last week was fantastic. It was sunny, a teeny bit breezy, and “warm”.  Warm is in quotations because my definition of what counts as warm has changed. We got up to the eighties, and while in Phoenix I’d be saying “Wow, it’s finally cooling off!” here, it was a happy (if brief) reprieve from the (by my standards) wintery weather we’d been having.

Getting mail is also fun, especially surprise packages. It’s nice to know that people are thinking of me, and that “out of sight, out of mind” is just a saying. Especially when my friends send me items that I’d been meaning to go pick up at the store. (Mostly lotion. I really needed to get lotion. But now I have some, and it smells lovely!)


2 thoughts on “It’s the Small Things

  1. A little mircowave is not too expensive-target has some that are kind of cheap—I thought the biggest thing for you is where to put it.

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