Seeing the City!

So, lest my last two posts have led you to believe that I’m not getting out and seeing the city, here’s what I’ve been up to on the weekends!

The weekend before the two weeks of madness, a few friends and I went up to the Cloisters, which is basically a museum run by the Met. The museum has a bunch of old church artwork and architecture from medieval Europe. Some sections really reminded me of Spain, and it was always a little gratifying to then look at the explanation and see that the pieces actually were from Spain. I’m not sure that I’m completely okay with the idea that these pieces were torn up and brought over from Europe, but if it’s here, I might as well see it.  It just seems a little on the disrespectful side of things. My favorite part was the gardens, which had plants that would have been useful way back when. They had the garden partitioned into plants for eating, plants for medicine, plants for dying fabrics and so on. Most importantly, they had plants for making alcohol… Trust the law students to find anything related to alcohol.

The Cloisters as a whole are located in a really pretty park. I’m still not used to seeing so much green, and it was nice to walk around the park a bit, even if it was drizzling. After the museum, we headed down to Chinatown to get lunch and explore a bit. The food was absolutely delicious, and it helped that one of us was fluent – I think we got served faster than we would have otherwise, and she knew all the good things to order. While we were waiting in line for tea, a woman started talking to one of my other friends, and after a while, we figured out from her broken English that she spoke Spanish. So I was called in to translate – she just wanted to know where my friend got her purse. Later, I was able to read things in the market because they were in Russian. Of course I go to Chinatown, and use both Spanish and Russian…

Last weekend, I celebrated the birthday of one of my former coworkers from ASU, which was fun. It was nice to see someone from before I  moved to New York – she’s the first person from Arizona that I’ve seen since I left. This weekend, I went to the movies (I can’t believe a ticket is $14.50 here…) and went shopping. I am now the proud owner of a winter coat! Which will be useful, because the highs are dropping into the low sixties, and it’s supposed to be raining soon… We also wandered through a street fair, and one of my friends got fried oreos. I was extremely suspicious, but she gave me one, so I tried it. They’re actually not bad. Definitely not something I’d eat on a regular basis,  but every once in a while, I could see getting one.


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