Catching Up

So, now that my crazy two weeks are over, I’m going to try to talk about all the things I’ve been jotting down…

First, I had my first “cold call”, although I’m a little hesitant to even call it that.  Honestly, it was a baby cold call. Still, I think it was a decent experience for me, and I’m slightly less worried about future cold calls. Basically this is what happened:

After the initial announcements, the professor asked me to talk about the benefits of using custom as a standard in torts over the reasonable person standard or the Hand formula. I gave a couple reasons, she said thank you, and moved on to the next student. I spent the next 15 minutes or so anxious that she’d come back to me, but she never did. I’m not sure that that really counts as a cold call, because usually they ask for a bit more than that, but I’ll take it. (This feels a touch anti-climatic. I’m sure that when I get cold called in my other class, I’ll have a better story.)

Second, I want to talk a little more about Torts, because I was really excited about this class the other week. We were talking about medical malpractice, and first of all, it was interesting just because of all the people I know in the medical field. Reading about nurses acting negligently and the interplay between the different institutions and individuals involved opened up a world I’ve been aware of, but which I’ve never really seen. I find the policy and theory side of torts pretty fascinating, and (much to my teacher’s delight, I’m sure) would consider writing some sort of note or memo about it in the future. I just don’t know enough about it now. But the really exciting thing about these discussions and readings is that they’ve touched on debates I’ve heard and explained why things are the way they are. One of the coolest things about tort law is that it really does impact your life in a plethora of ways, whether you realize it or not.

Finally, NYU has this really cool program, where they give the teachers of the 1L class money to buy lunch for their students. The idea is to get small groups of students together with the professor so that you can talk about stuff outside of a classroom or office-hours setting.  It helps the professors to get to know the students, the students to learn a bit about the professors, and the students to meet some of their classmates. I’ve been to two of these lunches (both in the past week) and I really enjoyed them. It’s nice to see a (for lack of a better term) more human side to the professors, as opposed to them being behind the podium. I’m hoping my other teacher has one too, but we’ll see.

I’ll try to post again later this weekend, and make it something other than classes next time.

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