Long time, no see…

It’s been quite a while since I managed to find the time to type up a post, and unfortunately, that trend will likely continue after today. The problem certainly isn’t a lack of things for me to write about – I have a half dozen topics written down so that I don’t forget anything I want to mention. Instead, my problem has been a complete lack of time.

A few weeks ago, one of my professors attended a conference in China. The end result of her attending this conference was that we missed about two weeks worth of class. Which was really nice, because that meant that we had a nice slow progression into law school. Unfortunately, the other side of that snuck up behind us all last week, and turned all 90 of my classmates and me into a giant ball of stress and panic. Shockingly, law school is not like undergrad. In undergrad, if your professor cancels class, you have a free day and the syllabus gets shuffled around, but that’s about it. In law school, when the professor cancels class, the professor then reschedules the class.

Because we missed almost two weeks of classes, we now face several weeks of “double classes”. That’s really kind of a misnomer, because instead of having 2 classes a week, we have 3, and if it were really double, we’d have four. However, in the amount of work we have to do, it really feels like we’re doubling up on classes. The problem here is exacerbated by a phenomenon the law school refers to as “Legislative Monday”.

Looking at that, I initially assumed that we’d have some sort of legislature or Congress oriented lectures or discussions. Maybe we were all supposed to dress up as our favorite statute. I really couldn’t have been more wrong. Legislative Monday, for those like me who weren’t familiar with the term, is how the school makes up for Labor Day. In next week’s case, we’re turning Wednesday into Monday – on Wednesday, we’ll go to all of our Monday classes.

Now, normally, this doesn’t really make a difference. You’re just swapping two days, so unless you have a heavy classload on that day, then you’re fine. Our Mondays and Wednesdays are identical, in terms of number and times of classes, so for us it really shouldn’t make a difference. The problem arises because Monday happens to be the day that our make up classes are scheduled. Which means that instead of one make up class next week, we have two. So, basically, instead of our usual schedule of 2 classes 3 times and 2 classes twice per week, we have all four classes three times this week. Which means less time out of class to read assignments and more assignments that need to be read. On top of that, we’re about at the half-way point in the semester, which means review sessions with TAs, and in one class a “midterm” and an optional writing assignment in another. (In law school, “optional” doesn’t always mean optional.)

Fortunately, this won’t always be the case, but I’ve got some other commitments that are going to start up soon, so those will be keeping me busy. (I’m going to be an intern! Yaaaay!) I’ll go into more detail about all of those when I’ve actually started and have something more interesting to say that enthusiastic squeals. And now back to reading cases…

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