VOGUE Fashion Night Out

This event actually happened the Thursday before last, but I had to wait until I had one specific thing to show you guys before I wrote about it. Before I get to that, however, I’ll elaborate on what exactly the VFNO was, though I rather guess that you can figure it out from context clues, no?

The VOGUE Fashion Night Out, as far as I could tell, was an event geared towards ushering in the new fall and winter fashions from the biggest and greatest of the fashion moguls. It was an evening of pomp and fur and leather and free giveaways if you were fast (and vicious) enough to get them. Special sales were available at haute couture shops like Dolce & Gabbana, Patrizia Pepe, and Gucci, all of which were open well into evening. The Gucci and Ferragamo museums offered free tours with aperitivi, glasses of prosecco and chianti gelato some of the tasty treats provided. You better believe I took advantage!

My roommates and I met up with a few of my new friends that I’ve made since being here and we traversed the crowded streets, hunting for deals, admiring the finely dressed ladies and men milling about, and catching glimpses of Italian celebrities like Franca Sozzani (who we mistook for Donatella Versace). Naturally, we had to get dressed up when walking around on VOGUE Fashion Night Out, anticipating that we might be in fancy company…

Group shot of us in our awesome finery.

Group shot of us in our awesome finery.

thank goodness we did! We came across one of the best opportunities I’ve ever seen, for FREE. After leaving the unfortunately closed Chanel, we turned down a side street with the intention of grabbing something to eat and came across a brightly lit studio packed full of people. Inside, a professional photo crew furiously snapped shots of posing, giggling girls, while others patiently sat under the brushes of makeup artists. A line edged out the door, presumably others waiting for their turn. We asked around to find out what was up and learned that, as a promotion during VFNO, the camera shop BONGI was offering free (FREE) professional make-overs and a brief professional photo shoot, as well as a 20x30cm print after the fact. We couldn’t have signed up fast enough!

Since there were about 60 people ahead of us, however, the earliest time we managed to get was 11:35pm, and given that it was around 10:30pm at the time, we weren’t going to hang around watching everyone else have a pretty time. We headed across the river to grab some pizza from Gusta Pizza in Piazza Santo Spirito and spent about an hour munching and watching the passage of people and cars over the Ponte Santa Trinita, lit by the Ponte Vecchio just down the way. It was pleasant weather for late evening, and we definitely had a good time just chilling and people-watching. By the time BONGI was ready to take us, we were tired but excited enough for the second wind to kick in. We were the last ones to sit in the chairs, and everyone was very gracious when we asked to take a group photo at the end of the session, even though it was well past 1:00am and the artists probably just wanted to get home.

Something I was surprised (but in retrospect, not really) by was the fact that the makeup artists pasted a new layer of makeup onto our faces, not bothering to remove what we’d already put on at the start of the night. Obviously we’d decided to doll up before going out—one can hardly wear fancy clothes without fancy faces, talk about dissonance—and I’m no expert on skin care, but I know enough to understand that you should at least remove the first layer. All the sebum, sweat, and dirt particles wafting around in the air gets trapped beneath the new foundation/concealer/powder mix and it’s a bitch to clean, if you’ll excuse my language. I’m no stranger to elaborate eye makeup either, so I had piled on the blue eyeshadow before leaving. Luckily, though, the woman taking care of me decided to build on that instead of changing it completely. Apparently I had good taste (ha!), since I’d seen her start over completely on some girls prior to me.

Once out of the chair, we were instructed (individually) to pose, make lovely pin-up faces, whatever we were comfortable with, before being handed glasses and sunglasses to model. Having some experience with glasses (wearing mine right now!), I didn’t give the prop master much say in what I wanted to wear, picking my sets with finality that either impressed or put him off because he didn’t have many complaints. Mind you, brown leopard print doesn’t exactly match black leather jacket and blue skull. Not to say that I know what I’m doing, but sometimes I have something of an idea!

All in all, I’m really pleased with what came out. I picked up my free print this past Friday, and I’m honestly not sure what to do with it. Narcissism is pinning up a picture of your own face to look at every day. I’ve (my photo, that is) been sitting on my desk, gazing sultry-like up at the ceiling, and I have to laugh whenever I look at it. It was a great night, but really. As my mother always says, “God, you’re so affected.” Thanks Mom. XD



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