So, this was the first weekend that I both had no required events to attend and didn’t feel like I was going to cough my lungs up.  Obviously celebration was in order, so a group of us decided to explore the city. One of the great things about the law school, is it seems like at least half the students are really familiar with NYC, so we have free tour guides!

The original plan was to meet up and then go to the Met, a museum by Central Park. Once we got there, though, we realized that the weather is absolutely fantastic, and a beautiful day would be better spent seeing the Park than staying indoors at a museum.  I would have picture for you all, but unfortunately, my camera’s batteries were dead and I didn’t get a chance to pick up new ones before I had to leave. (Bad planning on my part, but I got homework done, so I feel like it was justifiable.)

A couple times now, I’ve heard people mention how they got lost in Central Park, and having never been before, my gut reaction was something to the effect of “You have got to be kidding me. How do you get lost in a park?”.  Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut, because on entering, it was immediately apparent how one could get lost.  That park is enormous. I knew it was a big park, and I’d seen it in movies, but it really takes seeing it in person to understand how absolutely, ridiculously, stupidly huge it is.  I’ll be going back (with a working camera) and will post pictures at some point.

After walking in the park for several hours, seeing some performers and several wedding parties, we saw some other land marks – the building John Lennon lived in, the “Imagine” mosaic, the toy store and piano from the movie Big, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral (under restoration, so slightly less impressive than it could have been, but still pretty awesome). We continued walking around what I’m now referring to as the “fancy part” of the city.  Our tour guides (there were three) were quite informative, if a touch over zealous.  We’ll be returning to see more of the city later, because (as much as they tried) we can’t quite do all that in one day.

On returning to the University, we decided to get some food, and had pretty fantastic Thai food. We did it family-style, which was nice, because we got to try all the dishes.  Then we got soft serve ice cream, and had dessert in Washington Square Park. It was a pretty fantastic day, with good company, pretty sights, and excellent food. We’re going out again on Friday, which I’m sure will prove to be just as fun (even if it’s mostly because I need to go shopping, and have Target gift cards and a friend who knows where Target is.)

Sorry about the total lack of pictures… I’ll try to be better about that next time!


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