I got nothin’

Earlier this week, I went to kindergarten for the first time.  It was an interesting experience.  I had children literally climb all over me–I even had children on my head and in my face if I sat on the floor, with more children wrapping themselves around my arms so that I couldn’t move.  It was kind of adorable and kind of stressful at the same time.

I also went to one of my junior high schools for the first time.  They were a fairly rambunctious group, but they seemed fairly excited to meet me.

Uhm…next week I’m going to start doing sports with the kids after school?

…Sorry guys, I’ve got nothing for you this week.

On that note, I went to one of the islands today and found a few things that make me happy.  Here they are:


While I’m at it, here’s some more pictures of food I’ve made:

P1000716 P1000638

P1000644 P1000727



Since I’m giving you guys some pictures:

In Japan, for summer, you NEED a face towel for the humidity that will inevitably accumulate on every pore of your body, but mostly your face.  So, I bought this one:


Sorry that it’s a little blurry, but the little slinky creeper moved too quick to get a clear shot.  This is the would-be man-eating spider mentioned in my first post that was succeeding in building a giant web from one end of my house to the other, until Mother Nature so kindly lent me a hand:



Well, that’s about it.  For any of you who are interested, look up a “camel cricket.”  I had never seen nor heard of one before, and found it by my face, sitting on the wall, as I bent down to make sure there weren’t bugs in my bedding.  I was mortified.  Let it go outside once I’d managed to get the courage to lift it in the box I’d managed to throw over it from a distance.




3 thoughts on “I got nothin’

    • Yes. The pictures where there are two sets were made together with one of my neighboring foreigners. =P The heart pancake was mine….

  1. Your food does look really pretty, like a professional. What kind of sports will you be doing? Sorry about the bugs there, but it sounds like you’re handling it very well.

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