New York-itis

I’m going to preface this with saying that it describes me getting sick, but that I don’t have the plague or anything, so it’s all good!

I started feeling a bit under the weather on Monday.  Which, really, was fine, because I just had to get through a day’s worth of orientation. (Just 3 hours of class, and a 3 hour moot court that was INCREDIBLY interesting. Might have been my favorite part of orientation.) I was disappointed, because the bookstore still didn’t have the book I needed, so I just borrowed a classmate’s (again) for the assignment. Tuesday was a free day – classes only officially started on Wednesday, so I could just relax in my room and take it easy.

Tuesday night, I was feeling a teeny bit better, the medicine was working, and I thought everything would go alright.  Then I laid down to sleep and could not stop coughing.  Wednesday was more of the same – feverish, headache, persistent cough. I went to class, and basically spent the entire class time trying not to cough. After class, there a group of my classmates were meeting to go over Thursday’s classes, so I spent about an hour with them – we had also met on Monday, and I feel like the sessions definitely paid off. (Classes have been pretty interesting, but we didn’t really get into the core of the material for some of them – I’ll talk about that sometime this weekend, after I’ve gone through my Friday classes, so that I have a better grasp of how each teacher really teaches.)

My roommate was great – she made me some of her tea (green tea with mint!) and offered to go to the store to get anything I needed. I’d already picked up most things, so I just thanked her for the tea, but it’s really nice to have someone looking out for you. I explained to her that I was hesitant to go to campus health, because of a bad experience I’d had at ASU. She really encouraged me to go, and I figured that for her own sanity (hearing me cough all night couldn’t be pleasant for her) I would go if I couldn’t sleep well on Wednesday.

So, Wednesday night, I tried to go to sleep, and absolutely cannot stop coughing. I was up pretty early, having not gotten much sleep, and called campus health as soon as they opened to get an appointment. They were able to see me before my first class, which was great.  According to the doctor, I’m basically just sick of New York. The lower air quality, in combination with a very very high population density, and the geographic change (the bugs here aren’t the ones my body was used to in AZ), as well as some lack of sleep (jet lag, etc) all combine to make new NYU students pretty susceptible to illness.  So, at least I know it’s just your typical sinus infection/cold.  I got antibiotics, and he said to just stick with the over-the-counter cough syrups (which aren’t really doing that great a job, but I’ll live.) I was quite happy with campus health – they were significantly more student-friendly than ASU’s was.

Unfortunately, I got sick right before our first (and one of our only) three-day-weekend of the semester… I’d hoped to explore the city and do some fun things, but I’m mostly just going to take it easy now. I’ll work on some of the readings for next week to make sure I stay caught up, and I’m going to need to go shopping for groceries, but mostly I’m just going to try to relax a bit, and give my body these three days to rest.

On a more positive note, I now know how campus health works, I checked out the laundry room, so I can try that out this weekend, and I figured out how receiving a package here works. So far so good with my classes – I haven’t been cold-called yet, but it’s only really a matter of time for that, and I’ve been able to follow the discussions pretty well. I’ll leave it at that for now, and give a more detailed discussion of my classes and teachers sometime this weekend.


4 thoughts on “New York-itis

  1. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. I’m glad your roommate is looking out for you. Plus you recently go t CHP Consolidated Health Plans card. Did you choose the student health insurance? I’ll mail it to you tomorrow and you can decide what to do with it. Miss you, love you. Your dad is supposed to be meeting Katie’s mom and grandma tomorrow–they’re coming to our house–so I better start cleaning up. Ha ha.

    • I’m feeling better now, having gotten almost 12 hours of sleep last night. I do have the student health insurance plan – with it, my health care is basically free, as long as I use the on-campus center, which is really nice. I sent you guys a text last night, but don’t worry about mailing it – I’ll pick it up when I come home, because my student ID card works like a health insurance card on campus. Let me know how tomorrow goes!

      • Are you sure you don’t want me to mail it? I added your address to our address book. I don’t have David’s address. It seems strange to have my kids listed in the address book.

      • You know, I found out something pretty weird that helps with stuffed and drippy noses during the night when you try to sleep. Just roll with it. Rub Vick’s Vapo Rub on the soles of your feet and sleep with socks on; clears the sinuses right up. I’ve been doing it for years. Sweat it works. Feel better soon, O Mighty Law Elk!!

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