Now that I’ve been here a couple days, I can say with complete conviction that New York has very little in common with Phoenix.  For example, instead of telling people I’m from Chandler, or even that I’m from a suburb of Phoenix, it’s easier to just say I’m from Phoenix.  Some people who have only ever seen the Grand Canyon apparently think that all of Arizona has a climate similar to Flagstaff.  Other people seemed surprised that there are, in fact, cities in Arizona, and it’s not just a huge desert.  To be fair, though, I don’t know much about their home states either, and I’m definitely in the minority being from the western two-thirds of the country.

I’m going to have a really hard time adjusting to the weather, once it starts getting cold.  The highs have been in the (very) low 80’s, and the lows have been in the mid to low 60’s, which for me feels absolutely wonderful. Apparently, that’s actually unbearably hot, so winter is going to be painful. However, I was able to find two girls who said they’d be willing to go shopping with me in an attempt to find me some winter clothing.  They’re also straight from their undergrad, which is nice, because I haven’t found many people as young as I am. (One of them is even younger than me! Hooray! Although, super intimidating – apparently there’s at least one person who’s only 20…)

It’s been really great to have almost a whole week to just adjust to life here, but then we discovered NYU’s version of myASU, and found our “early assignments” – basically the course readings we’re expected to have finished for the first day.  This wouldn’t be too much of a pain, except that the bookstore ran out of one of the texts for the class I have on Wednesday, which is our first day.  The teacher helpfully put the book on reserve at the library, but there’s only one copy, and it’s already in use… The bookstore said they should get a shipment in on Monday, so I’ll be heading over there on my lunch break tomorrow, and hopefully getting my hands on a copy.

It’s been really nice to get to meet some of the other 1Ls, and today we had a brunch with the LL.M students too, so I got to talk to someone from Australia, who insisted that Americans are extremely well-spoken, and raved about how nice it is to meet well-spoken people like yours truly. So that was interesting.  Not exactly a compliment I expected to get from any of the foreign students.  Everyone’s been really friendly – the 1L class is just over 400 people, so it would technically be possible to know just about everyone in the class, even if it’s just recognizing faces or names.  That”s going to be a totally unique experience for me, because I haven’t been in a class that small since middle school.


7 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Your first week sounds like it has been pretty good so far. What does LL.M and 1L.s mean? I am assuming first year law student ? Are most of the law students older ?

    • Sorry! I should have a glossary or something for my blog, because this is going to get really heavy on the jargon, probably. My first week’s been great so far! I even managed to borrow a copy of the textbook I’m missing, so I’ll be able to get that reading done!

      1L does mean first year law student – specifically students who are studying for a J.D. The LL.M. students are studying for, basically, a master’s degree in law. (The law is a strange field, in that everyone gets their doctoral degree, which is basically a kind of “general legal studies” degree, first. Then, if you want to specialize, you can get an LL.M. Most of the LL.Ms here are getting degrees in Taxation, and a lot of them are actually international students, which is pretty cool.

      The vast majority of the people here are older than me. Of course, because the LL.M students have the equivalent of a J.D. already, and many have been practicing for some time, they’re generally somewhat older than the average J.D. student. As far as the J.Ds are concerned, just taking my 1L class as an example, one of the statistics they showed us on the first day was that only 22% of the class came straight through from their undergrad institution. Everyone else took a year or more off. I think the statistics for my group were that 67% took 1 – 5 years off, and the rest have taken more than 5 years off between undergrad and coming to law school.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to make these blog entries to keep us informed. What a fascinating experience you are having. I think you are in exactly the right place for what you want to do.

    • I’m glad you’re reading them! It really is a different experience from anything else I’ve done – between the city and the school work and the people here, I can’t say that I’ve ever really even done anything similar. I absolutely agree with you that this is the right place for me. I’m really excited for what the next three years (and beyond) will bring!

  3. Let me know how your winter coat buying goes, and how much it costs. I’m sure you have a much better selection there and I’m so glad you found someone to go shopping with you. Enjoy the weather now. Everywhere has a good season and some bad. I think you’ll be okay in the winter. It’s been awful here.

    • I’ll let you know! I’m not sure when I’m going to go… It’s still basically summer here, and we’re all still settling in, so I might wait a while before going. I’m definitely enjoying the weather! And I saw a lot of stuff about the storm – looks like that sucked. Hope you and Dad didn’t get caught in it too much!

  4. We got caught in the storm. We were coming back home from the Y and the rain started. Quite a few trees went down. Several by our house. I didn’t see any of the trees fall–the storm was so loud and so much rain.

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