Leaving England

Obviously I meant to update earlier, but I didn’t. You’re going to find that I say a lot of things, like “I’ll update soon” and “See you tomorrow”, and of course I mean them in good faith, but treat them politically, alright? If I post when I say I will, vote for me again in the next election haha

Anyway, my time in the UK is drawing to a close. I have to be up in four hours to get to the airport for my flight to Italy, where I’ll spend some time in Rome with a friend before making my way back to Florence. I’m not entirely sure how things will shape up, seeing as the whole excitement factor isn’t kicking in as forcefully as I thought it might be at this point, but hopefully landing in Florence and seeing the city again will produce that effect. It’s not that I’m not excited; I am, but I’ve been talking about this for around a year now. I get more of a sense of accomplishment, of satisfaction, than excitement because it’s finally FINALLY happening.

Spending time here with my cousins and their dog, however, has been a blast. Admittedly we didn’t do much, maybe a little shopping and eating, and overall it felt much like being back at home save for additional accents, toe-nibbling, and colder weather. I liked the relaxation of it all before returning to the fast pace of starting an academic term. I’ve been creeping the Facebooks of some friends that haven’t graduated yet, and classes start tomorrow back at ASU, which is absolutely bonkers. I’m terribly nostalgic about college, you’ll find. I mean, it’s been maybe four months since graduation, but given the chance, I think I’d stay a student forever.

Of course, I’m hearing many things about my friends who are out of college and either out in the workforce or preparing for graduate schools. One of my closest friends will be starting her PhD work soon, and another is giving serious considerations to programs dealing in Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Celtic literature. It’s all very exciting for them, and I’m thrilled to find out all about their own adventures as they figure things out. Hopefully I can benefit from those experiences at some point when I’m going through my own application process, but that’s still a few years off. Naturally I have to look at what I’m doing now before preparing for something like that.

Now, I’m not necessarily happy to leave England, but goodness knows I can’t wait for that 90 degree weather Florence is working with right now. I know that I have to be somewhat professionally dressed, being a university staff member, but I’m so ready to put on a dress!! I’ve maybe three hours to sleep now, so I’ll be off to bed and (here it comes) we’ll definitely talk soon, alright? The first few days in Italy will be hectic but that’s where the exciting bits happen, no? Ciao ciao!!


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