FIRST (pertinent) POST!

So, now that Nikki made a post, I don’t feel super awkward being the only one in the States (and in my hometown) and the only one to have posted.

My summer has been ridiculously hectic – two weeks after graduation, I started an 8-week, 8 credit intensive Russian course.  After my Russian class ended, there was about a month until the move.  Every few weeks this summer, I got an email from NYU letting me know that there was something else that I needed to take care of – housing, scholarships, loans, additional paperwork, reading school policy…  Really fun stuff.

One of the best things about moving for school, is that I don’t have to worry about finding a place to live from 2,500 miles away. I’ll be sharing a university-owned apartment with another law school student. The unfortunate aspect of this is that I can’t move in until the day before classes start.  So, because of the time-zone change, I’ll be leaving Phoenix at night, and arriving in New York the following morning.  I have 23 hours after my plane lands before my first class.  Hopefully I’m not too terribly jet-lagged…

After housing and booking flights, accepting my scholarship (yay, free money!) and applying for loan money were the two next-most-important tasks.  Law school is ridiculously expensive, especially when you go to school in one of the most expensive cities in the US.  Applying for federal loans is kind of a pain, but NYU has a loan repayment assistance plan, that does not apply to private loans.  So federal loans it is.  Being in debt is kind of scary, considering I won’t have a paying job for the next 9 months, and after that, I’ll just have internships.

I leave in just a few days, and have spent the last several weeks packing.  Fitting your entire life into 3 suitcases (and keeping everything under 140 pounds) is extremely difficult.  But as of right now, all three suitcases are (according to my scale) at an appropriate weight, and they all shut.  I don’t think I forgot anything. I definitely had to leave some things that I would have preferred to take with me out of the suitcases.  I still have to pack my “personal item”, and finish up some things for my other carry-on, but I’m more or less completely finished packing, which is one of the most fantastic things I’ve been able to say this summer.

I spent the last two days saying goodbye to the friends who are still in Phoenix, and tomorrow will be my family’s send-off (other than my parents who will be at the airport with me). Then just two short days, a quick flight, and then classes start!

2 thoughts on “FIRST (pertinent) POST!

  1. Sounds like you are ready to tackle life after college. New York sounds like an exciting place to go to school. Lots of things to do in between studying! Good luck as you settle in.
    Nikki’s mom💃

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