Welcome to the Wallet

Welcome to the Unfortunate Wallet, a blog created and contributed to by three college grads, all attempting to make their way through the first years of life outside of the school schedule. Friends with six years of nonsensical and hilarious history at their backs, they’ve spent the past two years in completely different parts of the world, embattled with the complexities of growing into adulthood far away from home. Rachel has completed two years at one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. Nikki continues gallivanting across Europe, moving from Italy to Spain and now to Holland. Katie remains a brilliant fixture in the Japanese classroom and plans on taking a third year to continue teaching.

After two years of (semi-inconsistent) blogging, it is evident that these ladies are doing their best to find their way through the world. There have been plenty of mishaps, as is the case in any life story, but they continue to push forward toward that indistinct future. Rachel, Nikki, and Katie have proven their adaptability and settled well enough into a life outside of the familiar comforts of home, and they have devised ample opportunities for themselves to take those next steps. Thank you for following their journeys thus far, and we hope to see more of you in the future! There are big changes on the horizon!

Please note that these posts will be updated from different time zones depending on location. If you expect a post on a certain day, be patient. It might not even be that day for one of our girls yet!

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Meet the Ladies to find out more about Rachel, Nikki, and Katie, the reasons behind their plans for the future.

Adventures in New YorkFollow Rachel as she navigates the complexities of a cross-country move, overcomes the stresses of law school in the busiest big city of America, and explores the countless hidden gems of New York City.

NEW: Adventures in Amsterdam: Follow Nikki as she travels to Amsterdam, Holland to begin her two year Literary Studies Research MA, focusing on the changes exhibited by the villain and monster in literature and, specifically, in popular culture.

Adventures in JapanFollow Katie to the islands of Japan and explore the quirks of Japanese culture and figure out how to keep control of a middle school classroom, not to mention deal with a 17-hour time difference.



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